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Suggestions for Keeping Helix Clean
  • Hello,
    I'm a new user (only a couple months) - still trying to figure this thing out, but have high hopes.

    I have a cleaning question i hope you experienced users can help with:
    After only a few sessions, none of them "messy" if you know what I mean, followed by very thorough cleansing of the device in hot water and soap (multiple times, trying different kinds of soap), I find that the helix still has an unpleasant odor about it.

    What do you guys do to clean it up? I would think that the materials chosen would be particularly good at NOT absorbing odors and harboring bacteria or other nasty material.

    Thanks in advance...
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    (this post was edited 2006-04-10 11:59:40)


    I ordinarily give the Aneros a soak in rubbing alcohol (75% isopropyl) for 10-15 mins or so after washing it thoroughly with soap and warm water. (Avoid using the stronger 90% alcohol that's also available as it may degrade the surface of the massager). I've found that this method takes care of everything quite adequately. Sometimes I place the unit in the dishwasher as well (TOP RACK ONLY!). Make sure that you have a nipple cage (used for nipples on baby bottles) or something similar so that the Aneros won't fall down into the bottom of the machine.

    Be aware that use of oil or silicone based lubes may make clean up a little more challenging also. As these materials are insoluable with water, they are somewhat resistant to cleaning even with soap. The presence of oil or silicone residue can serve as a substrate for bacteria and fecal constituents that may produce odor.

    BF Mayfield
  • Thanks for the quick response and good advice! I'll try it out.