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It Works!!! I'm a steam engine!
  • PuckPuck
    Posts: 9
    Wow, I can't believe it, it actually worked! I got my Aneros about a month ago but for privacy reasons and because of being away today was only the second time I tried it. The first time was a bit disappointing. Couldn't make much happen, hardly surprisingly as I was tired and these things clearly take a bit of time and patience.

    But today! This is an utter revolution. For about half an hour to an hour, I thought it was going to be more of the same - changing positions and techniques, trying to find something that works. Then, whilst I was on my back, pillow under lower back, knees bent, feet on bed, I stopped, took a few breaths, and just concentrated on what was happening. I felt, very weakly, the occasional twitch - nothing major, just minute movements. Then I closed my eyes and went into a sexual fantasy... it didn't do a lot, not enough to get an erection, but it felt a bit different. Then, the split second I felt a twitch, I went with it, and contracted... the Aneros told me to do it again straight away with another twitch and I obeyed. And then they kept coming, and I kept going with them, absolutely extatic that something was actually happening!

    It felt rather different from what I had expected. I had expected to feel the action at the top of the Aneros and not much elsewhere. But to my surprise the bottom of the Aneros felt like the fun part. To me, it feels abit like there's a piston at the top of your rectum attached to a bar that runs down to a wheel at the bottom (like in an engine). When you contract, the piston pulls up, pulling the bar and rotating the wheel - but the motion of the wheel brings the bar downards on the other side and you want to release. It comes round and the cycle starts again. It's a grinding action - and there's something quite sexual about that. This wheel gains momentum and speed AND diameter if you time the piston action right (and then you start getting an erection) until you're humming along like a steam engine!! The difficult bit for me is keeping the rhythm going when there's all this pleasure and shaking going on! You know you're having a good time when the tab is really trying to eat you, and your pelvic floor feels like it's moving upwards about an inch from normal!

    Soooo pleased. I don't know that was a super 'O'. I felt like there was more but I couldn't quite reach it... not really bothered seeing as it was my 2nd attempt! I think it must be closer to what women feel in the build up towards an orgasm - it needs patient coaxing, and the deal isn't sealed with an explosive moment that lets you know your time is up!

    Have fun everyone!
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Hello Puck,

    Sounds like you had some magnificent fun! It's so awesome having so many good feelings and experiences. You certainly will have many more, and the ones to come will get even better.

    Your description about the abutment tab is dead on! I use the Euphos and the tab literally feels like it is trying to penetrate my m.d.p. The orgasms with the Euphos are "out of this world". Have fun and enjoy.

  • Congratulations! Sounds like you hit the "sweet" spot. And so many more ahead of you.