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  • Hey everyone, my name is Chris, Im 19 and I had just received my Aneros Helix yesterday. So far I really like it! I didn't quite reach any Super O's yet, and I have a few questions. I did however, feel what was probably a drop of the Super O. It was nothing special but I remember being in a euphoric-like state for about 2 seconds, lol. I was contracting like crazy, I felt the aneros tingle and everything. I felt like my eyes went out of focus for a few seconds, but like I said, nothing special. I would just like to know whether I was doing something wrong that caused me not to have a full super O. I would also like to know, does the prostate actually have to get used to the Aneros in order for you to have a Super O??? Maybe, It takes practice, just like any other muscle on your body. Im not to sure. Any information would be nice. Thanks
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111

    I guess that it may take a bit of practice to understand what in fact you're chasing here! I don't know if there are any figures but I imagine that few achieve instant success fresh from the box, although one may have a revelation as to the possibilities like you relate - albeit for a fleeting moment.
    If I could offer one single piece of advice it would be - give yourself time, adopt a relaxed view and do not attempt to force it - that will spell disappointment.
    The important thing to bear in mind is that you (mind and body) are having to 'learn' the idiosyncrasies that the Aneros provides in terms of the sensations and then you will begin to react or channel your responses accordingly to develop meaningful experiences.
    Reading the various threads and posts will give you a feel for what others have done to achieve success. Remember too, that you will get best results if you are sexually charged and are prepared to provide a sensate focus to the session.
    Good luck and best wishes for your journey. I am sure that you will not be disappointed. Bear in mind that advice is only a mail away.