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Suddenly closser
  • BilldoBilldo
    Posts: 25
    Wow. I've had an MGX for a long time now, with a few mods to put more pressure on the perineum. I've had a helix for about 6 months. And the Maximus joined about a month ago.

    Anyway, I've always enjoyed them, and at times gotten some involuntary twitches and contractions, but mainly it just intensified regular sex. Any of them worked wonders in creating an ultra-intense sensation for regular orgasms, solo or with my wife.

    In fact, I've written before how blowjobs in particular are SOOO much better with my little toy. That certainly hasn't changed, and my favorite at this point is either the Maximus or the original model. The helix just doesn't quite go deep enough to hit the best spots.

    And I've tried for months and months to achieve a super-o. I've had sessions that built a bit, leveled off, then faded. Always in my impatience I would eventually break down (30 minutes to 2 hours in) and have a normal orgasm.

    So it's not like I haven't tried, and I just decided that over time my normal orgasms would associated themselves in my mind with the pleasure of the Aneros by itself.

    So last night I decided to play again, and this time I didn't do much different except I just decided I would do NOTHING except hold a mild (30-50% max effort) contraction for as long as I possibly could.

    Holy cow, after about ten minutes of almost no real notable sensations, I started feeling something. And that something grew in intensity until I had a raging erection that was literally bouncing all over the place as my muscles spasmed and grabbed at the Aneros.

    It felt wonderful, and a few times I had some waves of pleasure and intensity that felt like I was going to ejaculate, or WAS was damn close to what I would describe as orgasmic. Not quite, but damn close.

    I experienced this plateau 4 times in an hour, and it was great. I could tell there was more to explore, but it was late and I had to finish with a normal climax and hit the sack.

    So suddenly a switch inside me has been thrown and some neural/erotic (neurotic? Ha ha!) connection has been made.

    I can't wait to experiment again. I'll post another update if I do.

    P.S. Haven't tried this with the Maximus yet, but I have to say the MGX is still the best for me. Perhaps with this new discovery the Maximus will be more intense...I guess I just have to spend the time to find out. Work, work, work. :)