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on stomach?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,311
    i've been in the stuck stage for a while.

    as described in a previous post, i discovered an easy modification to the helix that has finally positined the aneros against my prostate.

    i do, however, also suffer from soreness which is a limiting factor.

    anyway, a position that seems to "touch all the right places" for me is lying on my stomach (maybe with a pillow under my belly).

    anybody want to offer opinions on this position?

    while it feels good, i am concerned about these issues:
    - it feels a bit "receptive", but i guess i could get over that.
    - it might stimulate my penis which may be a distraction

  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147
    This position is fine. I do think it stimulates my penis more but I have achieved super-O's in this position. You can lie flat or put a pillow under your hips. What I like about this position is spreading my legs about 30-45 degrees this gives me a freedom of movement with the aneros inserted. The handle can not touch any part of my gluteus muscle. Sometimes I pull my knees up under my pelvis it still feels very good and you can not get into any more of a receptive position than this. Depending on the how high your bed is B. Mayfield has suggested kneeling beside or bending over the bed. Both are good position to stimulate your prostate gland.