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Coming back
  • Rocky6Rocky6
    Posts: 1
    Hey guys, sittin' here reading all your blogs, I got my aeros about 3 years ago, didn't get much results, so put it away. Back then there was not much support like this forum. I dusted off my original aeros the only one at the time and thought I've got to try this again!!
    So I followed alot of things here on the blog like extra lube etc. This time I made a concious effort to concentrate on what was going on inside. This session was a little differant than the ones I had and got frustrated to make me put it away. I used my anus muscles more and concentrated on the feeling, plus I didn't realize the aeros hitting the "sweet spot" was that important. Well this session I did feel a few twiches and was more aware of the lady massaging my prostrate. But no big "o" or anything like that. Reading your blogs, guess I'm going to have to be more patient. I just ordered the Euro hoping it will have a differant effect. Am going to try again this evening and see what happens, will let you know, and thanks for letting me be a part of this board and looks like I will be getting a lot of advice.
    Thanks and have a nice weekend!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Rocky,

    Welcome back. If it were not for this forum/blogs, I would have given up months ago. I sure would have missed out on something pretty cool if I had. Good luck, I think that the Eupho will treat you well.