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Headache in the Pelvis
  • DarrenDarren
    Posts: 1
    I've got chronic pelvic pain and the book Headache in the Pelvis has been most helpful. I've just purchased Aneros and am concerned that the muscular contractions will cause MORE tension in my pelvic floor muscles. Headache in the Pelvis cautions against doing kegel exercises, which I can confirm having having done them and finding that all my symptoms (back pain, freq. urination, painful urination etc) worsened. wondering if anyone has an insight. has anyone increased their pelvic tension by using the device.


  • I have had some problems with pelvic pain following Aneros sessions, but I believe that my Aneros experiences have enabled me to become more aware of the biofeedback techniques needed to induce relief from the pain. In fact I have had few attacks of pelvic pain since using my Helix.