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during my commute
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    in my last post ("NOT engaging my prostate") i mentioned that i am good at giving myself pleasure w/o the aneros.

    just want to tell the story of today's commute.

    sometimes naughtiness enhances sexiness, no?

    anyway, i just missed the train, so i had a twenty minute wait. the station is small (one bench) and it was empty. i thought, how about having some secret pleasure? i sat on the bench and allowed myself to feel pleasure in my rectal/prostate region, and allowed myself to feel the feeling of precum coming from my penis. i did some quiet controlled breathing (to learn more about this kind of technique, check out the mmo site

    the pleasure started really climbing. i was having rapid breathing, etc.

    then a lady came along and sat on the bench. i just continued, but, kept my outward signs minimized. it was really fun. i'm absolutely certain she had no idea i was having waves of pleasure right next to her.

    then, on the train, i was able to do the same thing.

    the really great part was the final leg, walking from the train to my office. i was walking along, having mild waves of pleasure going from my legs up to my chest, etc, but focused on my butt area, and, in my pants, dripping. it divinely transgressive to be walking on a sidewalk feeling almost orgasmal, and feel the cool feeling of the precum as i walked.