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NOT engaging my prostate
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,294
    ok, i think i finally have proof that my anatomy makes it hard for the aneros, as designed, to engage my prostate.

    i do believe i have a "small" prostate. my balls are on the small side, and, i've had urologists casually mention that my prostate is small. (for the record, my penis is not small).

    i have three models: mgx, sgx and helix.

    i haven't tried the mgx or sgx in a while. since i got the helix, it seemed noticeably better, so i have stayed with it.

    of the three, the helix does most readily give me pleasure.

    i am quite good at the standard techniques. indeed, i can give myself very significant pleasure without any aneros at all, by breathing and getting my canal and everything to vibrate.

    but, i've never had an O. and, i've always thought that i'm not getting that "prostate massage" feeling.

    tonight i happened to try gently pushing the tab towards my anus with my finger, which has the effect of rocking the aneros forward internally towards my stomach, away from my back.

    the effect was absolutely obvious. for the first time, i felt the aneros massaging my prostate. (felt really good...)

    i wasn't using my finger to power the aneros. that i left to my sphincter, etc. i just touched it the slightest bit to position it against my prostate.

    i am not yet sure if my finger there is compatible with letting the involuntaries have full power. i also worry that having to hold my finger there will get tiring, and take away some of the "hands free" magic.

    anyway, does anybody have any suggestions?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    Check this post out by Dixiewrecked several weeks ago.

    BF Mayfield

    Originally Posted By: dixiewrecked
    (this post was edited 2006-02-24 06:45:11)

    B Mayfield,
    _____Thanks so much for the response. Your reply really got me to thinking in a new light. So, what was I to do with these thoughts?? Well, go experiment of course! Now as I said before, I can feel the sensations so many people describe, but only when I push on the device, and of course this immediately led me to thinking it wasn't deep enough. I finally mustered up the courage and thought to myself "well, this isn't working as is, so I can toss it and forget it, or at least try and fix it. And if I break it completely, it'll get tossed anyways."
    _____So as you can guess, I began the modification process. Being the "anal" perfectionist that I am (pun intended), of course I had the foresight to trace out the ORIGINAL MGX shape in the small chance that I would need it. Then, using some of the... uhh... "controversially safe" techniques some others have mentioned on the board, I heated up my tabs, and tried to angle them down a bit, giving me a little bit more insertion length. After molding, cooling, and cleaning, I returned to try it out. DRATS! Nothing. It seems as though the device MAY go slightly deeper, but upon contractions, it ONLY goes deeper down the path of my rectum until my anus hits the thinnest point of the aneros' body and then stops... still with no prostate contact at all. But then, I reached an epiphany. Without the pressure of either tab directing the body of the MGX inside of me, I reached back and angled it forwards. BINGO! There it was. I finally felt it.
    _____So, I did a quick cleanup and returned to my... uhh... "modification workspace". I reshaped the tabs back to the original shape. But then I remelted the perinium tab, and RAISED the tab upwards a bit and brought it in closer to the body of the unit (which after initially seeking a deeper insertion seems a bit COUNTERINTUITIVE... but when considering the angle of body movement, actually makes sense). The front tab didn't seem to take as well to the third melting as it did the previous ones, and the plastic actually got a few bubbles in it, but regardless still formed and rehardened quite strongly. It's not much to look at, but hey, I'm not in it for it's looks. haha. So again I cooled it, and cleaned it. Then for the third time, took it back for a session. Immediately the device was different. It responded different, and reached where it never had before. Upon initial insertion, I felt the pressure. I began to do my warm ups, and for the first time I can understand how I would do them for 15 minutes straight. Every slow easy contraction, I could actually feel the device gently sliding along my prostate. Before, all I could feel was 15 minutes of my posterior muscles contracting... or 3 minutes until I became bored of it. But now it was totally different. I actually WANTED to just lay there and feel that new sensation of those gentle movements and how each contraction felt. It was like I was more caught up in what I was feeling inside than I was with my arousal. After a couple minutes I began to feel like a sort of "energy" in me, that I assume is what everyone else describes. Also, after my warm up I looked down, and I actually dripped several dabs of fluid from my penis. Unfortunately, I was working with a tight time schedule by this time (after modifying 3 times, and attempting each session) so I didn't have much time to try a full session or approach a super-o... but even without, that 15 or 20 minutes was BY FAR my best time spent with the aneros yet.
    _____So, it turns out it was all the ANGLING of the device. It just wasn't aggressive enough for my body to make any contact. So, I regain hope (beyond what I ever had) for this device. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'm going to have any time in the next few days to get back with it again, but I will definitely be sure to keep you posted with my experiences. One thing I was wondering though, is how intense should the pressure on my prostate be to achive the super-o? As I described earlier, right now, it is light and gentle... sort of feels like the aneros is "gliding" across the prostate, and not really pushing INTO it (a distinctly different sensation I can generate if I push the aneros INTO it, as opposed to how it "glides" right now). Does this sound right to you? I didn't want to modify the aneros any further without trying this configuration for awhile especially when I don't know completely what I'm looking for, and I don't want the plastic to get brittle. So for now I'm sticking with the "gliding" and hoping that's what I need. Perhaps down the road I would be wise to invest in a helix, with it's more aggressive forward angle? Either way, I'm not giving up on my MGX yet! Anyway, thanks so much for the help and insight, and hopefully THIS really is the NEW beginning to my journey.