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painfull spasm in the perineum accupressure point
  • telwesttelwest
    Posts: 14
    having achieved a near orgasm wich was great.
    i used my aneros a lot too much trying to get the same feelings.
    i woke up this morning a bit shakey & a spasm in my perineum
    it felt realy tight as if it would burst i was alarmed a bit,
    so i had a bath tryed to relax. no good still had the spasm.
    gradually its subsided to a ache .
    i wonder if anybody has had the same problem
    i think i will take it steady from now
  • Good thought, taking it easy. I've recently had a bad reaction - perhaps not due to the Aneros, but it was the day after. Check my post in my BLOG


  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey Telwest,

    Do not be startled by what you are experiencing. I went through that too. You are exerting muscles and stimulating bundles of nerves in ways your body has never experienced. Your body will adjust as your muscles strengthen. This in turn will allow you to reach higher plateaus of pleasure. Relax and ride it out. Take some time off if this helps. You will be rewarded in the long run. Take care,