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Overpowering. I do believe I hit the jackpot
  • Five months after recieving the Helix I do believe I`ve finally hit the jackpot but it took nearly five hours. I`m sure at some stage I must have fallen asleep.
    Well I went back to my usual position of on my back, legs apart with a pillow under my bum. Contractionswere coming and going then all of a sudden I hit that sweet spot. Constant tingling, pressure put the perenium and wow I couldn`t feel the Helix at all. Not matter what movement I made no matter how small it just sent waves of throbbing through my anus.
    After reading so many posts I was waiting incorrectly for a wave to rush over me. This I now believe stopped me previously. As many people have stated before, everyone is different and feels different things.
    Once the throbbing started I didn`t need to move at all it just kept thumbing and thumbing. In the end I had to stop and the only way I managed that was by masterbating. Oh and wow what an experience that was. Never have I had so much semen.
    I now believe I have unlocked that feeling. As I am writing this some 7 hours after my experience I still have the throbbing and tingling in my anus.
    Hopefully next time it wont take five hours and I`m sure there is now even better feelings to come


  • Congratulations - regardless of what kind of orgasm you had it was a GREAT one. That is what we're all looking for.