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Whoa,somthin's a brewing??
  • BarneyBarney
    Posts: 6
    OK I am at work and for some reason? I do a big ole contraction. I pucker it up tight & I get this incredible feeling as if I had my MXG inserted? So I immediatly started twirling my nipples & the feeling stayed around a while. SO WHAT was that all about? Did I wake up a sleeping giant?
    When I get home the first chance I get, I go to the restroom & insert the MGX. After a short time of working my nipples..I'am trashing about on the floor. No big O..butt damn. While putting my sweats on I realize I'am dripping on my leg..I look down and there's an actual puddle of clear precum on the floor. Again I say Damn..I believe if there is a BigO, I am getting close. At this point Iam a smiling :) ..I have always liked having my nipples worked, butt it really seams to help my efforts here..Anyone else have this affect? If this kind of enjoyment keeps up, I may not be bugging my wife at all. In the mean time, just like when I use to race circle time, seat time, seat time..another words practice, practice, practice. No Problem :)