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eupho question
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312
    why is the eupho for "more experienced" users? that idea doesn't really make sense to me. either it hits the right spots or it doesn't.

    any comments on this?

  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey Darwin,
    That is the same question I asked Calton on his blog. To paraphrase Calton's answer "one only becomes experienced through experience." I found the description of the Eupho to be a bit intimidating. I did not think I was ready to try the Eupho after only 6 weeks with the MGX, but I sure was wrong. As a relatively newbie, I could not believe the intensity generated by the Eupho. I think that any guy who has had good results with the MGX or Helix has already strengthened his muscles and stimulated the nerves necessary for a fantastic ride with the Eupho. The intensity generated by the Eupho has to be experienced to be believed, so try out the Eupho and become one of us lucky experienced users. Take care,
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    (this post was edited 2006-03-04 04:55:56)

    darwin -

    Regarding the question of the Eupho and your reference to the 'experienced' user - another way of what looking at what I was saying is 'you have to know what you are chasing if you are going to get involved in the chase'. The design of the Helix, MGX and certainly the Maximus means that they are more likely to be directly touching the tissue adjoining the prostate, as they maintain closer contact. Once a user has developed an understanding of what is at stake and realises how he can generate Super Os, he is more likely to get successful results from a Eupho than he is starting from scratch with it. As it is a more 'agile' device it is about recognising what has to be done to use it successfully - hence the descriptor that the company places on it. If you have begun the journey and are having success with the MGX or Helix (as 'first stage' choices - I would not have thought Maximus would be a 'first choice' but perhaps Aneros has figures for all this) then I hugely recommend that you try the Eupho - you will not be disappointed. As many others (see blogs and threads) will testify, the Eupho moves the sensations up to a different level of pleasure. I can't recommend it enough. (All this, and I DON'T work for Aneros!)

    So describing it for the 'experienced' user should not be understood about diminishing or adopting a patronising attitude; rather a way of making it clear so that prospective purchasers are able to make an appropriate and well informed choice.
    My recommendation, purely personal - if you are wanting to choose - go for the MGX then move on to the Eupho once you have delighted in what the former has to offer!

    The OED describes 'experienced' as having gained knowlege or skill in a particular field over time
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    (this post was edited 2006-03-04 21:53:58)


    Calton has this 100% on! I was involved with a group of users that beta tested the Eupho and the other Next Generation units prior to their introduction. Naturally, I forwarded my impressions on all of these models to the manufacturer. Later these same comments formed the basis of my sticky thread entitled ANEROS THE NEXT GENERATION REVIEWED. And yes, I had used the term advanced in my description of the Eupho, which I believe that manufacturer took to heart in their own description of the unit. It's important to see this in the proper context however. If you read the following excerpts from my thread, I think it will make it clearer.

    It's possible that some might find that it delivers a little less intensity in the way that it engages the prostate. Consequently one has to work at it a little more to coax a Super O out of it. However, I found that the extra effort came naturally and in a way I felt myself driven to do it, almost as if the Eupho itself was egging me on. For these reasons I would have to say that one might consider this more of an advanced / experienced users model as well.


    If you’re really into anal play to the point where you are collecting different massagers I’d say that the Eupho is an absolute must (I certainly wouldn’t be without it). One might consider it the Aneros connoisseur’s model. If you are a newbie I would advise getting started with one of the other models first (see my review on the Helix).

    The essence of what I was trying to get across is this: 1) Newbies would likely find the other models somewhat easier to work with. Additionally, having some experience with the Super O would make it easier to achieve results with the Eupho, and 2) For most people the Eupho is not your bread and butter model, but a delightful add on. Furthermore, given that some users might assume that the Eupho was the ultimate Aneros on the basis of it's price (it's the most expensive model), I felt that it needed some clarification.

    As Calton has so astutely pointed out, the use of the term advanced should not be taken as being condescending or exclusionary in any way. And saying that the Eupho is for advanced users does not increase its value or diminish the value of the other models either. It's nothing more or less than an attempt to give guidance to those who are trying to make a choice.

    As a matter fact I never wanted to discourage anyone from trying the Eupho as I'm sure there are some newbies that would take well to it. Rather, I was attempting to set up some distinction between it and the other Aneros models. Given everything, I would still stand by my original assessment on it.

    Hope this helps,

    BF Mayfield
  • I read with interest the prediction that the Eupho might give an even stronger Super O than the other devices. Good lord, if I had any stronger sensations than I am getting with the Helix I'd fear for my well being. During yesterdays session I was laying on my back in the grip of a Super O that lasted several minutes. It continued to increase in intensity and I was seemingly powerless over it. My abdominal muscles were tensed, I was barely able to pant with the smallest breaths, and my entire body was trembling.

    Don't get me wrong, I am delighted to have that level of pleasure, but I can't imagine an even stronger experience! Perhaps that is where the "experience" Mr. Mayfield speaks of comes in, the ability and willingness to let go and to move to even higher levels of pleasure.

    For now, I'll continue to find what joys there remain in my Helix!