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Ok, now I get it
  • Hi all,

    First off, let me introduce myself. I'm a 22 year old who found out about the aneros through reading up on anal play in the search for new horizons to cross with my girlfriend. I was a little skeptical of all of the praise this device was receiving, and thought it was little more than a glorified butt-plug. I have had a little experience with prostate stimulation prior to this, but it didn't go very far beyond inserting a finger into my anus while masturbating. After reading some of the threads on this forum, I decided I wanted to give it a try.

    I bought a Helix just yesterday, and was initially disappointed with the results. I didn't really feel it on my prostate, and it also caused a slight burning sensation inside my rectum. The instructions didn't seem to do much at all to get things going, it just felt like I was pushing this thing back and forth in my ass.

    However, I must say that today was a brand new day for me. I went liberal to the extreme with the lube inside my rectum and also on the Helix, laid back, relaxed, and just took things little by little. The attempts to hold a contraction at 30-50% to the point of fatigue were difficult and still didn't seem to give much results. Then, I hit it dead on. I was holding a contraction for maybe 30 seconds tops, when all of a sudden I felt the Helix jump with a hard contraction. I made the attempt to get back to where I was before and got there again. Then, it jumped again. At that point I relaxed my control of my sphincter and pc muscles and just let my body do its own thing. I finally figured out how to ride the involuntary muscular attractions and it was AMAZING!!!

    Almost immediately I felt a warm sensation in the very bottom of my stomach, and I began to get a very hard erection. It got to a point where it was almost painful at the head. Then, I started getting little spasms in my back, legs and abs. I having really short breaths and the warm feeling I was getting in my stomach spread to my legs and toes. It felt absolutely incredible. Even writing this now I'm feeling a little bit flushed.

    I have never experienced anything close to this before in my life. At this point I am certain that the Helix was a worthy investment, and I plan to continue using it until I fully understand what kind of pleasure my body is capable of.

    Kudos to the folks who created this revolutionary little device.
  • Congratulations Blotto!! Well done. And just think, you have many more to enjoy in the future.
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124

    Originally Posted By: bl0tt0

    I plan to continue using it until I fully understand what kind of pleasure my body is capable of.

    Hey Blotto,
    You have an excellent attitude which will reward you with many new and unexpected pleasures. I wish I had discovered the Aneros at age 22! Take it easy and don't be startled by some of the intense experiences you are about to encounter. Keep us informed of your progress. Take care.
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111

    I would reinforce charlie's sentiments. I wish that I had been able to discover the joy and delights that the Aneros devices bring when I was your age! It is not that prostate stimulation has just been discovered rather the way the stimulation generates such amazing sensations.
    You are lucky to have discovered all this at such an early moment in your life - so you can look forward to many years of pleasure ahead! (Jeal..ou..seee ..!) Enjoy it!