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Onset of the Super O
  • Just wanted some advice from some of your lucky ones who have no problems obtaining the elusive super o. does the onset of it feel like a faint buzz or "heartbeat" that comes about during the midst of all the other contractions and stuff? and does it build in intensity similar to traditional orgasm? lately i have been detecting this "new" buzz that very subtley builds in intensity until i do something wrong and ultimately kills it.

    i guess i am wondering if i am actually rising up the plateau to a super o but somehow slide back down to the bottom. i have not experienced one yet. been trying for about a year now. OR is the super o something that happens instantaneously out of the blue, kinda like all of a sudden flipping a switch? i imagine it feels like something that builds up until you slip over the "edge" into the dry orgasmic cycle. please someone help me with some protocol for detecting whether or not i am on the right track.

    anyone ever consider giving instruction by phone? i would be willing to pay for the call, thats for sure.
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    Presumably, the sensation for each individual will be different. Mostly (and often times the sensations are completely different), I can feel the onset of a Super O when I feel a ball of energy about the size of my fist deep within the base of my spine, above the bladder - that general area.

    This feels like a pulsating ball of light that's full of energy, and then BAM! it's spreading all over my body. This is accompanied by a strange fluttering floating feeling, while individual muscles throughout my body (those which my brain deems needing the tension release perhaps?) have their own orgasmic party.

    I'd say instead of waiting and waiting for the Super O to occur, consider this a walk, say, in a beautiful garden, or somewhere that's safe and peaceful to you. Enjoy and experience each sensation for what it is in and of itself. The Super O isn't really an occurrence that you can tick a number of boxes to say you've had one - it's more a combination of sensations, pulsations and various experiences. I like to think of my experiences with the Aneros as an ongoing pleasure trip, with different sights to see each time.

    When you're taking in the scent of jasmine blossom do you think to yourself, "Am I taking in the scent of jasmine blossom? Am I smelling it? How am I sniffing it? How does my nose take the scent and convert it into pleasure?" Probably not - you're just enjoying it. Approach the Aneros in the same way. Trust your body and your brain to give you the amazing sensations that are right for you at this time in your life.
  • rorymuscle
    Super post. Well said. It is like being at a buffet eating a wonderful delicacy while looking across the table wanting another. Enjoy and savor each sensation!

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    Terrific post, yes there is much about this that just has to evolve over time,... and while you're taking the stroll, by all means make sure you stop to smell the flowers!

    Aaron14684, reading through this forum one can get a lot of detail on techniques and sensations that develop from their use. Check all of this out. If you've not done so already be sure to check out my threads B's Best of Bee Line and B's Keys to the Backdoor to Ecstacy for starters. Outside of that, I recently saw a post from several users here in the forum who were trying to get an on line chat going, perhaps you might want to check that out too. I've often thought that it's a pity that there wasn't a feature within the forum itself that offered scheduled chats. Perhaps this might be a start of it, ..if there is enough interest that is.

    BF Mayfield