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Anyone for a Chat?
  • Hello Everybody,

    I was wondering if anyone here is interested in chatting. I've been experiencing Super O's for almost a year now, and although I wouldn't call myself an advanced user, I do have some interesting observations to share. If anyone, from newbie to advanced users would be interested in having a group chat, please give me some feedback here. This could be done while preserving everyone's privacy, by using one of the vacant rooms on mIRC. From my recollection FleshJoe used to host a chat there at one time. If it's not still open there are various other rooms that could be used for the purpose.

    Chatting would allow newbies to get information from various sources simultaneously. And would give advanced users the opportunity to compare their techniques.

    Let's chat!

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    Count me in, where and when? I'm probably what you'd call an intermediate user myself. I've had a handful of Super O's, but don't really have any consistency with it. Hoping that some advanced users might make it by too!

    I'll keep an eye out, let me know