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Knock! Knock! Who's There
  • You go up to someone’s door. You knock on the door and hear voices inside. You know they’re inside but they don’t come to the door. You knock again. Still no answer. What do you do? Do you know where they hide the key?

    For the last two weeks I have been experimenting with my new Helix. The occasional bolts of electricity that run from the base of my spine all the way to my head when I inhale, hold my breathing, and begin to exhale are quite enjoyable. I can only imagine what the “Super O” is like. To date I have not able to get that desirable pleasure.

    I have made good progress since I started. I have felt “the total body contraction” where my muscles felt like they grew to twice their size, I have felt my abdominal muscles keep almost perfect 4/4 time. I am able to get the twitches, the voluntary contractions, and every once in a while a brief surge or energy. The voluntary contractions are kinda like someone is knocking at the door but nobody is home. I am able to keep them going for quite some time, even after I finish my session. The fact that someone is knocking and nobody is answering leaves me with a few questions.

    I try to focus on the sensations going on in the basement but I am not necessarily paying attention to any mind generated fantasy. I am also not very aroused nor necessarily horny, however last night for the first time, I managed an erection but only for a brief moment. How important is arousal in the process? In most sessions I focus on the pleasurable feelings and if nothing is happening I find myself waking up a few minutes later. I know arousal is mentioned several times in the forums. What is going on in your head?

    Every once in a while (not as often as I wish), I can perform some act that sends an explosion of energy from the center outward, from head to toe. When that does happen, I can’t seem to hold on to it. That burst of energy is usually dampened by countering with some sort of contraction. I can only imagine what giving birth is like. My goal is sustain this feeling but I have been unsuccessful. I have tried short breaths, deep breaths, soft contractions, and no contractions. Is this a mental thing? How do you relax when someone is about to zap you with a jolt of electricity? What works?

    I know there must be a sweet spot down there that sends you over the top and it is probably just a matter of hunting for it. You read about all the different positions and hip thrusting exercises. I have a tendency to just lay there in anticipation of the next big event while inhaling, exhaling, and doing light contractions. That seams to be enough to generate voluntary responses, twitching, etc. But again, more often than not, the light is not turned on. I don’t do much to help encourage a big event. Maybe that is why I find myself waking up 5 minutes later? I find that changing positions often decreases the sensations that I find while I am in my right sided fetal position. Do you find that these other positions are helpful in getting you to the “point of no return”? Do you do subtle movements or do you get your aerobic workout while in these positions? Do I need to more that just lay here?

    Knock, knock, is anybody there?