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What happens (physically) during a super O
  • Been using a helix now for about eight months and have very good sessions but I still don't think I've experience the super-o. You know when it's happened? I haven't felt that way yet. Very close but not yet. I often have good hour sessions and then finish off with a big ejaculation by crossing my legs which feels great for a minute or two but does finish off the experience.

    I want to know what to expect in regards to what the aneros does during a super-o. I've had many sessions where the contractions come - waiting for that first twitch is always awesome - and I breathing heavily and I'm shaking a bit. And then I'll get uncontrollable urges to push rather than contract the aneros. This always seems to throw me out a little. Has anyone experience this before? That was also one time, very nice session when all of the sudden the the contractions noticably changed to buttock ones and the device was really ramming hard into me. Very nice and finished me off quickly.

    So what happens during a super as regards to aneros movement does it slide in and out like a normal ejaculation, but dry and then start again or what. I know you're supposed to be able to do multiple ones but I just cum and that's it done.

    Any advice would be helpful, after all this time the results are coming, final step I think.

  • Trebor, I give a very precise description of my Super o's in a couple of other posts. You can search for posts by Kevinhasfun and read through them if you are interested.

    Let me see if I understand your question with a question. Are you aware that the Super O has NOTHING to do with a regular orgasm where you ejaculate? An ejaculation means that you probably did not have a Super O. After I have multiple Super O's I always end my session by masturbating to ejaculation and I have a massive orgasm with the Helix in, but it is distince from the "dry" super o where all you do is dribble prostate fluid out of your (probably) flaccid (non-erect)penis. As soon as you ejaculate your Super O session is over, well at least mine and others who have posted this site it is.

    Am I missing the point?

    As for what the Helix (or other models) does during a Super O orgasm it varies with me. Sometimes it just freezes in place with an involuntary muscle contraction. Sometimes it feels like it is going to pop out (don't know why it doesn't actually, but it doesen't). Sometimes I can feel it moving out with involuntary contractions. As what the Helix does when I ejaculate with it in place I'd have to say "beats me?" I am overcome with pleasure and can't even breath well, so the Helix is on its own.

    Hope I helped - Kevin