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First Eupho Experience
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hello Everyone,

    I took Calton's advice and purchased the Eupho. Eventhough I am fairly new to prostate massage (I have been using the MGX for about six weeks with great results) Calton urged me to take the plunge. I was hesitant since the Eupho is advertised for the experienced user, but I guess the only way you become experienced is through experience.

    The pleasures which I experienced my first time were incredible. My penis was much harder and better stimulated by the Eupho. The Eupho is so agile, it felt like it was stroking parts of my prostate the MGX could not reach. The intensity really does build gradually as described by other guys on the forum. After an hour of pure pleasure, a series of very intense Super-O's rocked my body. I thought I might pass out from muscle fatigue.

    If you are looking for enhanced pleasure, try the Eupho. Don't be intimidated by its description in the selection guide. If you have mastered the other models, you really should consider the Eupho.
    Take care,