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This deserves a try!
  • I will get to the point quickly.
    I am a straight, married man who is experienced with anal play. My wife has given me some wonderful orgasms over the years using prostrate massage with her fingers and some toys.
    I ordered the HELIX... and MAXXIMUS lube. It is water based, wont irritate sensitive tissues; thick, it stays put, which is importatnt for anal play; and lasts a long time.
    FIRST TRY: The ANEROS is well designed and well made. It inserted very easily, and was very comfortable to wear. I always have to pee right after insertion. Upon insertion, it went right to the prostate and I could feel every move I made directly on my prostrate. I had a hard time relaxing the first time, but it was really good. Eventually, my wife helped by providing some oral stimulation, after I ejaculated, I was ready to go again, and we made love, and I left the HELIX right where it was. The second time I came, was one of the most powerful and long lasting ejaculations I had ever experienced. Afterward, my wife told me that she was really suprised how hard I got and that my erection was larger than normal. Cool. Overall, we were pleased.

    After a long time, almost an hour,I finally learned how to relax everthing except the shpincter. That's when the magic started. Over the couse of the next 45 minutes or so, I experienced orgasms almost as good as my wife gives me. The difference though, is that with the ANEROS, they are continuos, and free flowing. A much better experience. My wife was really getting into it as well. She was enjoying watching me.

    Not quite a charm for me. I perfected the relaxation technics and started experimenting with different muscle goups. I had a truly amazing time. My wife filled in some of the blanks for me. I remeber the pleasure, but not the specifics....the yelling, and moaning and stuff.
    I rolled over on my back after the last orgasmic wave, and she jumped on top and rode me to another new height. I had never came as hard before. This thing is amazing.

    We have not had a chance to try it again yet.

    If you are wondering about the ANEROS, or curious, THE ANEROS WORKS AS ADVERTISED!

    Note: She says that mt erections are still bigger and harder than they have been in the last year or so.