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Question and experience on: Aneros Helix
  • First: sorry for my bad english, i´ll try my best.

    Yesterday i got my Aneros Helix by Mail. I tryed it like described in the manual and on the forums. It felt very nice, I experimented a bit with my muscels how i could stimulate my prostate the best way. I think slow and soft contractions do the best results for me, one time it felt like I was on a very good way to an orgasm, but because i have a cold it didn´t finally work because my breathing was irregular in the wrong moment.

    Now my question(s):

    When I used the Aneros with hard and deep contractions it felt unconfortable, it caused pain inside me. When I tried yesterday the second time and this morning the third time it felt unconfortable all the way, no matter if i used hard or soft contaction when I insert the device i felt something like pain.
    I know that the Helix is declared as an agressive Anerosversion and i think it stimulates the prostate very hard with great preassure.
    May it be that my prostate is simply overstimulated and that I have to wait some time before trying it again ?
    How often should I use the Aneros as a newcomer ?
    I´m sure that i did it all right, enough lub and i´m not new to analstimulation, a plug i used before was bigger than the Aneros, so i don´t think, that it´s too big.
    Would be nice if someone would share experience !

    Thx in advance!

  • Congratulations on your early progress. If you are having "pain" then I suggest that you back off for a few days until it completely subsides. I hurt myself using severe muscle contractions and it took a week to recover. As to frequency, I've only had my Helix for a few days, but I think it will work best for me if I wait about 3 days between uses. It is damned intense and can leave your drained. Maybe as I build up some stamina with it I'll do it more often.

    I posted the following to a guy who was not having much luck. It explains what works for me. I am one of the lucky ones and can pretty much produce a Super O on demand. Of course they differ in intensity, but not by too much. Good Luck

    Let me share how I do it. I am able to produce super o's pretty much on demand and I've not been doing this for long. I just got my Helix last week and it works great for me.

    I will assume you have read about the importance of getting yourself turned on sexually first and relaxing. It is the same as if you wanted to enjoy a long leisurely jack off session or engage in a long foreplay session with your significant other. Some good xxx videos work for me, followed by a hot shower with some anal play in the shower. I also wash my Helix in the shower and warm it up.

    OK, on the bed, device is all lubed up - I found last night that the suggestion to syringe just about a tablespoon of waterbased lube (I use Vagisil) just past my sphincter worked wonders to keep the Helix moving. So now you are super lubed and you are laying on your side, top leg drawn up a bit. Insert your Helix AND DON'T DO ANYTHING!! That right, just lay there for 5 minutes or so. Just feel how it feels in place with no movement.

    After you are REAL relaxed and comfortable use the muscles that you use to stop your urine stream (they will also lift your penis up) to lift the device into your prostate. You should feel some pressure - I thought it was pain at first and backed off - don't do that! It may also feel like you have to pee, but it is a distinctly different feeling. Keep the muscle tension slow and easy, but lift the device high enough so it hits the prostate and you can feel the sensation. If you simply can't feel the device touch your prostate you may be out of luck. Without contact I don't think it will work for you. My Helix hits my prostate perfectly.

    As you start the voluntary contractions (pulling the device in) and feeling for it contacting your prostate, breath deeply - it is NOT spiritual! It's good old relaxation. After pulling the device in you can relax after 15 seconds or so (whatever feels good) and push out a little like you are trying to move your bowels (not too hard, or you might) I assume you had an enema before your session started so you should be empty. Relax for 15 seconds or so - or longer if your choose, then draw the device back up. Experiment- the muscles I use to generate the super o are the lowest ones in my belly, not my anal muscles - although I use those too to generate different movement.

    If you feel that pressure - pain - need to pee - whatever, don't back off mentally or physically. Let the device back off and then slowly pull it back again. When I get that definite prostate contact feeling (a little like pain, but just something I'm not used to) I back off just a LITTLE and then gently pull the device back aganist the prostate.

    OK, here's the hard part to explain. Once you have the device rubbing on the prostate your body is going to start doing things IF YOU LET IT!!! Sorry, didn't mean to shout. My face begins to flush, my heart starts beating faster, by whole body begins to shake and my legs begin to draw up into the fetal position. Depending on how strong the dry orgasm is I cry out and pant like a dog. The pleasure is awesome. But it takes some courage to give up control and let myself go like that. While I am shaking and panting the muscles in my lower abdomen and anus tense involuntarily and begin to pulse all on their own. Sometimes it feels like I am going to expel my Helix, but that has not happened yet.

    Last night I had three pretty intense super o's laying on my side. I then rolled over on my back and had a smaller one, but I could not relax enough to really let go. I then kneeled beside the bed and generated another super o. I almost couldn't crawl back on the bed after that one, but again, I could not really relax enough to enjoy it. I went on the have three more, the middle being the one that made me cry out and whimper (REALLY). The last one I generated just before I jacked off. By that time it was all I could do to stand and clean myself off.

    Don't belive me? I don't really care, but it is the honest truth and I am taking the time to share it because I want others to enjoy this feeling. Good luck all. Don't give up.

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    GREAT post! Your story sounds very familiar and very believable.
  • Leo - I am telling the absolute TRUTH. I have nothing to gain. I used to think there was some guy at Aneros pretending to be all these guys having great Super O's with their expensive product. While that still might be the case, there is one guy - me - who is real and VERY happy with my $60.00 lump of plastic. It is fantastic. No brag, just fact (as John Wayne might say).

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    Originally Posted By: kevinhasfun
    Leo - I am telling the absolute TRUTH. I have nothing to gain. I used to think there was some guy at Aneros pretending to be all these guys having great Super O's with their expensive product. While that still might be the case, there is one guy - me - who is real and VERY happy with my $60.00 lump of plastic. It is fantastic. No brag, just fact (as John Wayne might say).


    Whoa.......sounds too good.Great discription Kevin, makes me want to get there for sure. Practice makes perfect they say, so I will keep at it, besides every time feels great..
  • Barny, it is well worth the expense and the investment in time that is required. I assure you, you have NEVER experienced anything as intense as a prostate generated dry orgasm. Go for it.

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    Originally Posted By: kevinhasfun
    Barny, it is well worth the expense and the investment in time that is required. I assure you, you have NEVER experienced anything as intense as a prostate generated dry orgasm. Go for it.


    Kevin, thanks for the encouragement. It has been a couple of weeks, & don't get me wrong I love my MGX, however I use it everyday (maybe all to often) (butt not in my mind) :) I feel like I am so close. I am married & even though I have to be discreet with my wife, as she has been going through the change for several years now & does not know about MGX. Problem is I don't want to hurt her, Butt at the same time I'am not dead. She really does not question to much, however I try to hurry my sessions. This may be why I don't quite get there. (still great though) I am wondering maybe the Helix or Maximus may expidite things. Curious as to what an experianced aneros user would think. I am hooked..oh I also pump often does this effect anything. I have alot to say , butt would have to talk one on one.. Helix Or Maximus?????????????????Want to step up to one or the other.
    Thanks..Barney, still smiling
  • Hey Barney, I think you have already diagnosed your own problem. In my experience - I described one failed session here in Forum - you CANNOT rush the process. Well, you CAN rush it, but your results will be less than expected.

    You pointed out that you use the Aneros every day. I have had the best success after a MINIMUM of four days without a wet orgasm. It gives the fluid time to build up and (at our age) it allows you to become more sexually excited. This is essential for a successful Big O.

    You are feeling some anxiety concerning your wife. You fear discovery and you feel guilty that you are using a sex device alone. My advice. Get over it! I'm not being rude or cold, it is just that as women age they lose much of their interest in sex and men don't. We continue to have a physical and psychological need for sex and orgasms. Are we going to become celibate or go for long periods of self denial, or are we going to continue to explore our physical side in a way that causes NO INJURY or offense to our wives. Many men in our situation begin having affairs with women and/or men and endanger our wives with sexually transmitted diseases or put ourselves at risk of discover and the pain that would cause.

    The Aneros is a way for us to enjoy wonderful sexual feeling and release in a safe and personal way THAT INJURES NO ONE. Yes, you need to be discreet if you feel your wife will be hurt by your use of the device, but that is not much of a sacrafice. Remember, giving yourself time between sessions is going to enhance your experience so waiting for time alone is not a big problem.

    I don't think the model of Aneros you use makes much difference. I use the Helix and it is the only one I have. I have Super O's every time I use it - if I prepare myself properly- and I think you will begin having them too if you 1) prepare properly, 2) wait to allow your body to want the Super O, and 3) let go of your guilt and anxiety regarding your wife. I know it works.

    Best of Luck, Kevin.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    (this post was edited 2006-03-01 10:16:39)

    Kevin what a terrific response ...and I second everything that you've said. The only thing that I might add, is that if it were possible for Barney to broach this subject with his wife, it might give him the space that he needed to have sessions unfettered by fear of discovery. Barney, I will tell you, from what you've described, at this point, this is the biggest obstacle to your success. As the other guys have said, if you don't have the proper mindset for this, it won't matter which model you use (and by the way the MGX is a great unit anyway).

    Is it possible that you could have a conversation with you wife where you describe the health benefits of prostate massage? You might even say that it's been recommended by your doctor or health practicioner. I remember a post from one user who planned ahead a little bit, complaining to his wife about problems with his plumbing beforehand! Doing so set the stage for the later conversation about the recommendation of prostate massage. You might even mention to her that you're a bit squeemish or embarrassed about doing this so you need some time alone. If you could get her around this concept it might be a better idea than to try to do this on the sly.

    Again, as you say, ..I don't know your wife, and there may be extenuating circumstances that prevent any of this from working for you....but it's food for thought.

    Outside of that I would say that you must find some time when you're absolutely certain that you won't be interrupted. Time when your mind can be completely carefree. Be advised that there is no secret technique for achieving an Aneros quickie. As matter of fact trying to race this or fast track the process is a recipe for put that out of you mind.

    Lastly you mentioned that it would be nice to talk one on one, I just posted to someone else that I had seen a thread here in the forum last week from some guys who were trying to get an Aneros on line chat together. Such a setting might enable you to flesh out the details a bit better and allow you to remain anonymous at the same time. I think it's still on the main page of the forum at this time...check it out.

    BF Mayfield
  • BarneyBarney
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    Thanks Kevin, your reply was great & very accurate. And thanks B Mayfield as your suggestion is well taken. If I might discribe how it is for me, perhaps there are other men with similar situations. I am in my early 50's & my wife of 30+ yrs is almost 50. Yes she put up with me all this time. Both have been employed all these years & are thinking retirement in the years to come. Perhaps I am guilty of trying to be to discreet. I HAVE always been a little hyper, over sexed, a (if you want it) go do it type of guy. And like Kevin stated women do settle out from sex sort to speak, and we as men may not get a big ole (hard on) like we did when we were younger, butt we still enjoy it and crave it. (at least I do) & have no shame in doing it myself (well a little) since I was a child. So long story short I guess I picture myself coming home from work, climbing off the harley & the wife says how was your day.. and I state (OH just super) now that I have a new little buddy, that I am very close with, & think about during the day, in fact I cant wait to get home to my new little buddy....Oh and Dear did I mention my new little buddy goes in my butt...oooh yeah,,, maybe Iam a little to dramatic. Fact is maybe I do feel guilty, as this device does give me pleasure AND I really believe I can get there with time. I guess what I am trying to say is perhaps we as men (ME) do not let our gaurd down & state what we feel or want. I do know this, the Aneros feels great & will continue to enjoy life with it. Sorry for going on and on, butt had to say it. Told ya I need to talk with others...Thanks guys, Barney
  • Barney, you have a great sense of humor and you use it well to convey some difficult thoughts and emotions. Guilt is a gift of our Western civilization. It will always be with us. Just think of the anguish so many people of both sexes have felt over masturbation, and what could be less harmless to ANYONE??.

    I feel great respect for your in your desire to protect your wife's feelings. I go through great pains to do the same for my wife. We've been married nearly 40 years, she is the mother of my two children, and I love her very deeply. However, her sex drive has NEVER matched mine and I have masturbated throughout our marriage. I belive she knows that I do so, but I think she is relieved that I take care of some of my own needs and leave her in peace. That way, when we do make love, it is a mutual experience and one we treasure.

    I urge your to continue your explorations of your own pleasure and discover what it is what makes YOU feel good. I doing so you are going to be a happier person and a better husband. You are treating your wife with dignity and respect. I urge you to treat yourself with the same compassion and understanding.

  • BarneyBarney
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    WELL Kevin, ya did it have discribed your situation with your wife almost to a tee as myself. Like I stated I have taken matters into my own hands all our married life, if fact I would sometimes masturbate even after we had good sex. And like your wife I do believe my wife is well aware of my self pleasures. I have bought toys in the past to enhance our sex life and she lets me use them on her & she gets off just fine. And I think she knows I have used them on myself (in private of cousre). And now
    with my MGX I feel very sneaky..butt I'll get over it. Good luck with your bigO's I WILL HAVE ONE SOMEDAY..a little promise to myself. I have some other questions on ways to assist in my getting there, butt will go there later. Thanks Barney