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I just got an Aneros MGX yesterday
  • So yeah. I got my Aneros MGX that I had been wanting for quite some time.

    While I didn't achieve the mind blowing super O that people talk about (not that I was expecting to right from the get go) I did find it highly enjoyable to just have it in, and when I took it out I immediately wanted it back in. (I also didn't use any lube, which probably would have made it even more enjoyable)

    One thing I did notice was that when I was using it, I quickly and easily went into a deepened state of trance and maintained such a state of trance easily. The level of focus 12, for those of you who are familiar with the Gateway Experience Audio program, produced by the Monroe Institute.

    In any case, I consider this device an excellent investment and well worth the price.
  • Well done. New worlds await you as you gain some experience. USE LUBE! Follow the suggestions of the guys who have lots more experience than I do. I did and had 4 super o's the night I took my Helix out of the box.

    Enjoy - Kevin