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A Waste Of Time And Money?
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  • I was very suspicious of the claims for this device myself. I thought all the posts here were by someone who works for Aneros and get a commission for putting one over on us. Boy was I wrong - or maybe just lucky.

    As you can read elsewhere I had 3 Super O's my first time out. I won't describe them again, but it is an incredible experience. Let me share a couple of thoughts - note of which are new to this site, but might reassure you:

    First, your mental state is very important. You need a period of relaxation and MENTAL stimulation before you ever insert the device.

    Next, if you are a typical male you are going to resist the very unusual sensations the device induces. You'll tense up, or you'll allow your mind to move away from the sensations. You can learn not to do that. Focus on each sensation and let it go - go with it. If you mentally or physically stop the sensation it will stop the process of the super o.

    Finally, follow the suggestions for lubrication. It is a messy process. I had lube all over myself, my pillow, my towel, well, you get the idea. But it was worth it.

    As I said in my post concerning my success with the device, I don't work for the company and am just a regular fellow like you. I've enjoyed a varity of anal play prior to my purchase of the device so perhaps I was more attuned to the sensations it created.

    I earnestly hope that you'll continue to practice with the device. Who knows, maybe your prostate is located in an unusual place or you may have a physical condition that is interfering with the device. But it is honestly NOT a scam. It worked for me and it was INCREDIBLE.

    Good luck and happy playing

  • Well, I won't hold my breath
  • Your experience mirrors mine exactly. I have had three sessions so far with absolutely no results. I really envy all these posters who seem to get incredible results from day 1.

    Anyway, I intend to keep going and hope you do the same. Look forward to further reports.

    If any 'experts' read this, please explain how to get the aberos moving under its own steam - without having to continually contract and release the sphincter muscles. Also, how to you contract the PC muscles separately from those of the sphincter ??

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    I'm in a similar position to you guys.

    Got my MGX 3 weeks ago. I'm a pretty liberal minded fellow and I have had plenty experience of anal play and am familar with the pleasurable sensations that can be unlocked in that area.

    So I'd have to say my hopes were high.

    First time I used it, within minutes I started to feel waves of pleasure with heart starting to thump (I assume this is what others refer to as the mini-O). This was without any voluntary contractions...just lying there.

    Not a bad start I thought...and had trouble getting the smile off my face until lunchtime the next day.

    However, since then I've probably used it around a dozen times for a couple of hours and had no success with it at all. I've tried different positions, hot baths, more lube, less lube etc. but can't feel anything.

    Most frustrating. I know it has the potential to work with me...but no idea why I can't get back to where I was on the first day.

    Guess I just have to keep trying.
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    i agree with you rasputin, the perineum stimulator is painful to me too :(
    i received a MGX today and i felt nothing special, although i did what is written on this website :(
    I don't understand coz i was very relaxed and also arroused and i used lots of lubricant ...
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  • My guess is that you guys are trying too hard. There is no way that the little knob should hurt you. If it does then you are trying to pull it up through your throats. RELAX! Go slow and gently. There is no magic process here, you just have to learn what YOUR body responds to.

    I suspect that there are some guys whose prostate is unique (scar tissue, smaller than normal, higher in the body - who knows - who will not be able to achieve a Super O with the Aneros. But I suspect they are in the great minority and those who have the problem are just not getting in touch with their bodies. Not lecturing here, I just want EVERYONE to experience the incredible pleasure I get from my Helix.

    A few thoughs for what they are worth (these and $2.75 will get me a cup of tea). Are you really spending enough time getting youself aroused first? Are you truly open to the new - and somewhat frightening - experience you are trying to produce. Believe my, when those involuntary contractions start you MUST let them take over and it is scary the first time. Hell it was scary the first several times.

    I wish you luck and patience. A Super O IS worth the effort to achieve and I encourage you to keep trying, but SLOWLY and following the suggestions else where on this site.

  • My first sessions was also without any result. My second one was much better (no orgasm, but I was getting very turned on. It felt decently good, so I at least know that it's not total bullshit).

    As for the abutment tab, get a hot glue gun and put a small ball of glue around it to widen it. I used to get pinched to the point of pain, and that adjustment fixed everything.

    Also, get a medicine dropper! Pre-applying a few millileters of lube inside your rectum makes everything much, much better. If you just put lube on the Aneros a lot of it will slide off when it's inserted. They really should automatically package one with the Aneros. If it doesn't just pop right in, you're not using enough.

    Lastly, I think something that isn't acknowledged explicitly enough here is that it may take several sessions to 'activate' your prostate, and by that I mean it takes time to get the nerves to start recognizing the Aneros as a pleasurable thing. So try using it with the intention of just having some fun, and not an orgasm. My two cents, anyway.
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    Since your first post in this forum was made 2/14 (yesterday), and by your own statement you've used the Aneros for only several's pretty clear that you are not giving this a chance. With even a superficial reading of this forum, it's pretty obvious that this process may require weeks to tune into. Most users here are aware of this. If you've read through any of the posts by the advanced users in the forum, all have said this is NOT an automatic process the way that an ejaculation is.

    Keeping an open mind and being patient are essential to the process. Not everybody is able to do this.......therefore the Aneros and this experience is not for everybody.

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  • I sense your frustration and I wish there was a simple set of directions that would prompt you to a super fast super O. There isn't. Those of use who are lucky enough to be able to produce super o's fairly easily may have a physiological or psychological difference. Just don't know!!

    Let me share how I do it. I am able to produce super o's pretty much on demand and I've not been doing this for long. I just got my Helix last week and it works great for me.

    I will assume you have read about the importance of getting yourself turned on sexually first and relaxing. It is the same as if you wanted to enjoy a long leisurely jack off session or engage in a long foreplay session with your significant other. Some good xxx videos work for me, followed by a hot shower with some anal play in the shower. I also wash my Helix in the shower and warm it up.

    OK, on the bed, device is all lubed up - I found last night that the suggestion to syringe just about a tablespoon of waterbased lube (I use Vagisil) just past my sphincter worked wonders to keep the Helix moving. So now you are super lubed and you are laying on your side, top leg drawn up a bit. Insert your Helix AND DON'T DO ANYTHING!! That right, just lay there for 5 minutes or so. Just feel how it feels in place with no movement.

    After you are REAL relaxed and comfortable use the muscles that you use to stop your urine stream (they will also lift your penis up) to lift the device into your prostate. You should feel some pressure - I thought it was pain at first and backed off - don't do that! It may also feel like you have to pee, but it is a distinctly different feeling. Keep the muscle tension slow and easy, but lift the device high enough so it hits the prostate and you can feel the sensation. If you simply can't feel the device touch your prostate you may be out of luck. Without contact I don't think it will work for you. My Helix hits my prostate perfectly.

    As you start the voluntary contractions (pulling the device in) and feeling for it contacting your prostate, breath deeply - it is NOT spiritual! It's good old relaxation. After pulling the device in you can relax after 15 seconds or so (whatever feels good) and push out a little like you are trying to move your bowels (not too hard, or you might) I assume you had an enema before your session started so you should be empty. Relax for 15 seconds or so - or longer if your choose, then draw the device back up. Experiment- the muscles I use to generate the super o are the lowest ones in my belly, not my anal muscles - although I use those too to generate different movement.

    If you feel that pressure - pain - need to pee - whatever, don't back off mentally or physically. Let the device back off and then slowly pull it back again. When I get that definite prostate contact feeling (a little like pain, but just something I'm not used to) I back off just a LITTLE and then gently pull the device back aganist the prostate.

    OK, here's the hard part to explain. Once you have the device rubbing on the prostate your body is going to start doing things IF YOU LET IT!!! Sorry, didn't mean to shout. My face begins to flush, my heart starts beating faster, by whole body begins to shake and my legs begin to draw up into the fetal position. Depending on how strong the dry orgasm is I cry out and pant like a dog. The pleasure is awesome. But it takes some courage to give up control and let myself go like that. While I am shaking and panting the muscles in my lower abdomen and anus tense involuntarily and begin to pulse all on their own. Sometimes it feels like I am going to expel my Helix, but that has not happened yet.

    Last night I had three pretty intense super o's laying on my side. I then rolled over on my back and had a smaller one, but I could not relax enough to really let go. I then kneeled beside the bed and generated another super o. I almost couldn't crawl back on the bed after that one, but again, I could not really relax enough to enjoy it. I went on the have three more, the middle being the one that made me cry out and whimper (REALLY). The last one I generated just before I jacked off. By that time it was all I could do to stand and clean myself off.

    Don't belive me? I don't really care, but it is the honest truth and I am taking the time to share it because I want others to enjoy this feeling. Good luck all. Don't give up.

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    To Be fair.. I would suggest half of all your problems are that you are trying to hard... Just let go & relax, try gently moving the aneros using your hand, & give it plenty of time, if your too keen for this to happen then it probably wont.

    I have found that sometimes, pushing your hand firmly right above your penis (below your stomach) really helped me to 'get going' when I first started using it. . . & once you've cracked it, it does just get better & better!
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    I had similar frustrations at first, for a long time. You have to understand that you are training a part of your body.

    The lube is really important. And, you will need the tab to be on center to get far down the road, so, if its pinching, an adjustment may be in order.

    After that, start small. Just insert it, and breath deeply and see if you feel *any* pleasure. Once you discover that slight hint of pleasure, relax and let it breath (and breath deeply with it), and grow. Allow the pleasure to spread mildly to your legs, etc. Eventually you'll key in on how to make that pleasure get quite big.

    Its definitely not spiritual, its physical, but, is *learning* about new signals in your body (and amplifying them). Another example. Having had my prostate "activated" I can induce prostate pleasure anywhere anytime. I can start dribbling in my pants while riding the subway or walking along.

    Also, I will add, each body is different. For me, the helix is clearly better than the earlier models.

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    Originally Posted By: R45PUT1N
    The use of this Aneros is starting to sound like a spiritual thing - something that several members denied and complained about in their replies to another thread on here.

    Surely it should be a matter of sticking it up your arse, doing the right movements for a long enough time, then experiencing the dramatic, 'Guaranteed' (yes - that WAS claimed by one post) results!

    Once it's in and NOT feeling like something that's just stuck up your arse, what should you do? Can someone please tell me? Do you clench the sphincter muscle in regular, rhythmic movements (if so, how quick should these be?), or start with regular LONG 'clenches'?

    hi rasputin and other disappointed guys so far

    don't panic, go on reading the advices - and adopt the good ones for you. continue experimenting. check old advices as well.
    a good tip for you since you don't seem to feel anything: the very recent experience of dixiewrecked (22/2) might help you for instance. maybe your prostate is deeper inside your body as well?

    and if the abutment tab is painful: put some hot glue on it, to make it rounder. You can easily form the glue to the ideal shape. Just use a candle to heaten the glue, put a small drop on the top of the tab, cool it down a bit under cold water and the shell of the glue is not sticky anymore, and you can shape it with your fingers without a problem.
    Make a good drawing of a certain shape on paper, then you can follow your developments. make tiny adjustments.

    it helps me a lot to get aroused a bit before start, through porn or erotic websites.

    but first of all: dont panic, stay confident and experience. Read and read and relax.

    i had first bought the mgx (6 months ago), brought me a small orgasm, now the Helix since two weeks, much better, i had one great orgasm, and i am still improving. and i stay confident.

    good luck!