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Got my Helix and Had My First FOUR Super O's TODAY!
  • First let me state that I do not work for Aneros nor do I have any affiliation with the company at all. I am just a regular guy who, after finding this site on the web, decided to try a stimulator. Wow, am I glad I did.

    I've enjoyed some anal play over the years and found it pleasureable so I was open to trying something new with anal stimulation. The descriptions of the Super O's led me to give Aneros a try. It was pricy, yes, but I've wasted a lot of money on concert tickets in the past so why not try something that would last a while.

    I was able to try my Helix today and, having spent considerable time on this site prepping for my first session, I was pretty confident that I understood how the process worked. In fact, I had no idea how incredible it would turn out.

    I watched XXX videos for an hour before my first session followed by a Fleet enema and a nice warm shower. I applied plenty of lube and put the Helix in while I was in the shower and got used to the feeling of it. I then lay down on the bed on my side with one leg extended and one leg drawn up. I started the slow anal contractions and immediately became aware of some of the sensations described by others on this site. I followed the advice of advance users and let my body react as it wanted to. Within minutes my face became flushed, I began trembling and breathing heavy (all involuntary responses). I actually found it a little scary but my reading had prepared me to let things go. My body began to shake and both of my knees drew up to my abdomen and I rode the waves to a SUPER O!! Yes, no doubt about it.

    After a few minutes rest I followed the process and was rewarded with a second, although far less intense Super O. The same involuntary contractions, the quivering, the uncontrolled heavy breathing, all followed by the unmistakable waves of pleasure. By this time I had a fair amount of precum and other fluids all over me.

    After my second I noted some mild discomfort as the Helix rubbed against my prostate. Again my reading here let me know that it was time for more lube. Sure enough that did the trick. I was off and running again and within minutes I was shaking all over and groaning with pleasure. I was honestly a little afraid of continuing so I lubed up and finished off with some brief stroking. My penis didn't even get hard before I was being rocked by an incredibly satisfying orgasm (with the Helix still in place). Clean up required another shower, but that felt good too!

    Some of the physical sensations were scary or so unique that I was tempted to resist them. My advice to others seeking the Super O? DON'T resist. Let your body go - as totally as you possibly can. You can't make yourself have a Super O but your body knows how to do it. We men don't like to lose control, but that is EXACTLY what you have to do to reach the point where your body takes over. Ride the waves and let your body lead, just follow.

    Good luck - if I can walk (I'm still flushed and shaky) - I'm going to rest and enjoy this incredible sense of well being. To those of you still on the journey, my best wishes. It truly is worth the effort.

  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Congrats! It is scary on the first super O. Now you can continue on your journey and learn new things every trip you take. Your body sure will lead you down the right path if you give it the right combinations to unlock the super O in you. When I lose control that is when the whole orgasmic trip is so overwhelmingly fantastic. And to think this can happen many times in one trip. The feeling of well being in it's own part is incredible too. I totally know how you feel. Enjoy your new discovery...Keep us posted on your future journeys.....nood
  • BusterBuster
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    Way to go Kevin, congratulations!

    Thanks for telling us about it.

  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey Kevin,

    Welcome to the club! Your results are astounding and your recent posts to other newbies are very insightful. Keep us all informed of your progress. It just keeps getting better. Enjoy and take care.

  • Well, in fairness, if I brag about my successes I need to share the less that spectacular sessions.

    Last night I wanted to play with my new Helix. I was pretty tired, had to go to a meeting which kept me out late and I was dragging when I got in. I was only about 1/2 interested but thought I'd give my Helix a try anyway.

    I watched some hot xxx video for about a half hour, did my Fleet wash and took a quick shower. So, how many things have I ALREADY done wrong? I get all lubed up and insert the Helix and find that I am physically or mentally in to the process. Hell, I was too tired for even a good old fashion jack off session, much less a process that requires my full time and attention.

    I spent about a half hour laying on the bed and slowly playing with my anal contractions. I had some wonderful sensations and I could sense the Super O, but it was apparent I wasn't going to happen. Sooooo, listening to my body I cleaned myself up, put my toys away and got a good nights sleep.

    I knew better than to try to force the Super O - it doesn't work that way for me, but I got greedy. No harm though. I plan to really prep tonight and try it again. What's the worse that can happen? I'll enjoy every moment of the relaxation and experiencing my wonderful new Helix. I'll let you all know how I do tomorrow.

  • I had an EXTRAORDINARY session last night. So I don't have to type the whole thing again, here is how I described it for another guy:

    Let me share how I do it. I am able to produce super o's pretty much on demand and I've not been doing this for long. I just got my Helix last week and it works great for me.

    I will assume you have read about the importance of getting yourself turned on sexually first and relaxing. It is the same as if you wanted to enjoy a long leisurely jack off session or engage in a long foreplay session with your significant other. Some good xxx videos work for me, followed by a hot shower with some anal play in the shower. I also wash my Helix in the shower and warm it up.

    OK, on the bed, device is all lubed up - I found last night that the suggestion to syringe just about a tablespoon of waterbased lube (I use Vagisil) just past my sphincter worked wonders to keep the Helix moving. So now you are super lubed and you are laying on your side, top leg drawn up a bit. Insert your Helix AND DON'T DO ANYTHING!! That right, just lay there for 5 minutes or so. Just feel how it feels in place with no movement.

    After you are REAL relaxed and comfortable use the muscles that you use to stop your urine stream (they will also lift your penis up) to lift the device into your prostate. You should feel some pressure - I thought it was pain at first and backed off - don't do that! It may also feel like you have to pee, but it is a distinctly different feeling. Keep the muscle tension slow and easy, but lift the device high enough so it hits the prostate and you can feel the sensation. If you simply can't feel the device touch your prostate you may be out of luck. Without contact I don't think it will work for you. My Helix hits my prostate perfectly.

    As you start the voluntary contractions (pulling the device in) and feeling for it contacting your prostate, breath deeply - it is NOT spiritual! It's good old relaxation. After pulling the device in you can relax after 15 seconds or so (whatever feels good) and push out a little like you are trying to move your bowels (not too hard, or you might) I assume you had an enema before your session started so you should be empty. Relax for 15 seconds or so - or longer if your choose, then draw the device back up. Experiment- the muscles I use to generate the super o are the lowest ones in my belly, not my anal muscles - although I use those too to generate different movement.

    If you feel that pressure - pain - need to pee - whatever, don't back off mentally or physically. Let the device back off and then slowly pull it back again. When I get that definite prostate contact feeling (a little like pain, but just something I'm not used to) I back off just a LITTLE and then gently pull the device back aganist the prostate.

    OK, here's the hard part to explain. Once you have the device rubbing on the prostate your body is going to start doing things IF YOU LET IT!!! Sorry, didn't mean to shout. My face begins to flush, my heart starts beating faster, by whole body begins to shake and my legs begin to draw up into the fetal position. Depending on how strong the dry orgasm is I cry out and pant like a dog. The pleasure is awesome. But it takes some courage to give up control and let myself go like that. While I am shaking and panting the muscles in my lower abdomen and anus tense involuntarily and begin to pulse all on their own. Sometimes it feels like I am going to expel my Helix, but that has not happened yet.

    Last night I had three pretty intense super o's laying on my side. I then rolled over on my back and had a smaller one, but I could not relax enough to really let go. I then kneeled beside the bed and generated another super o. I almost couldn't crawl back on the bed after that one, but again, I could not really relax enough to enjoy it. I went on the have three more, the middle being the one that made me cry out and whimper (REALLY). The last one I generated just before I jacked off. By that time it was all I could do to stand and clean myself off.

    Don't belive me? I don't really care, but it is the honest truth and I am taking the time to share it because I want others to enjoy this feeling. Good luck all. Don't give up.

  • Edit
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    Just ordered a Helix, been reading with so very much interest the stories of others who have used this product. I hope I can get to learn how to enjoy it fully. I am older,60's but sitll have the desire and mental capacity to hopefully enjoy a new and rewarding sexual experience.Will let you all know how it works out. Gregg
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Hello Gregg,

    Hope you have a wonderful adventure on your journeys. Having a good attitude about your desire and a good mental capacity will just be super. The whole experience is so great, and sexually fullfilling. I have learned so much about the male body and how one can get so much pleasure from ourselves from not just the "old jerk off". There is a lot of good advise on these pages which should help you, if need be. Don't be afraid to try all the different angles. Try everything you may think of. Remember everyone is different, and everyone has their own unique experiences. Good luck. The journey is so nice. Have fun too.....Nood
  • (this post was edited 2006-03-07 12:22:07)

    Gregg, I'm 61, or almost - will be in April. Your penis may not want to play as much when you turn 60, but apparently your ability to have Super O's is not effected. I've had a bunch and they've been wonderful. As a side note, the last time I had intercourse with my wife a LOT of the Super O sensations surfaced and I had one of the most incredible vaginal orgasms I have EVER had - at 60! So practice, practice, practice!