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First experiences with Helix
  • RichTRichT
    Posts: 6
    Hello All,

    I've had the Helix for a few days now.

    First, I followed the Aneros instructions to the letter. It was okay laying on my side, however, there was very little movement of the Helix this way. Though a bit of precum, that was about all. Never felt the Aneros moving on my prostate. (Or do you feel it on your prostate?)

    I like many found that the abutment handle really didn't make "solid" contact with my perineum. Yes, it touched it, but that was about it. Thanks to everyones suggestions on how to solve the "problem". I lengthened the end by using two plastic caps. Much better contact that way.

    Forget sitting down with that curved handle. Again thanks to all for your thoughts on how to modify it. A utility knife did the trick for me. Much better with that "curly" end off!

    After a bit of experimenting I found that to obtain the best movement of the Helix was for me to just stand up. WOW what a difference that made! Tighten the muscles and the Helix would move in as far as it could go. Relax, and it moved out nicely. (Had to learn how much to "relax" so that it didn't come out.

    At this date just some precum generated. Have not experienced any sense of arousal. I'm still wondering if I'm doing things right because I just don't feel the Helix moving on my prostate. Also, the abutment (even with the modification) doesn't create any "arousal" or "good" sensation on my perineum.

    No, I'm not dead LOL. Perhaps the scares on my prostate from the doc taking those damn "samples" to check for cancer are having a negative effect. Also, my prostate is enlarged (normal for oldies like me lol).

    All your thoughts will be appreciated.

  • Rich, may I suggest you read my experience - I just posted it. Look for the one from Kevin.

    I don't see how anyone could have a Super O standing up. With me my whole body just took over. Consider that you may not be relaxing enough to sense the new physical sensations generated by the Helix. Become hyper alert to each new feeling and FOLLOW it, let your body experience it fully. IT IS SCARY (or it was for me) the first time. The reward was extraordinary, but you have to get use to letting go, completely. Not an easy thing for men to do.

    Good luck!
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Very good point Kevinhasfun. One really has to let go of themselves as a women would during the point of orgasm. I have to admit, its really wild .......
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Dear Kevin & Mick,

    Maybe it would be helpful to try and define what you mean when you say let go . That could be my problem. I have been dancing around this allusive Super O for quite some time. I think that it is the surrender that if I can get a handle on then I might be more successful. It may not be something that you can put into words, but if anyone else is in the same spot as me, it might be helpful.

  • Great question - how DO you let go. I was honestly frightened when the super o was starting and it took some real mental discipline to let it happen. I am a REAL controlling type person. I HATE being out of control! So allowing my body to take over physically was SCARY. But was it worth it.

    I would suggest that you begin by conducting an experiment. Do all the prep work as described elsewhere, but DON'T plan to try for a super o. Just plan - and I really mean PLAN - to focus on various sensations. After your insert the device allow your mind to explore what your body is feeling. Even the small sensations, like how warm or cool the room is, what the fabric you are laying on feels like. What you are hearing, what you can smell. It is kind of like letting a piece of candy melt slowly in you mouth instead of chewing it. Savor the surface of the candy, the taste of it on top of your tongue and then slide it to the sides and bottome and sense the difference. Hope that makes sense.

    After 15 minutes or so of just exploring yourself with your mind slowly do an anal contraction and follow the same process. What are you feeling with each state. Savor each sensation by stopping and exploring it with your mind while letting it happen (this, by the way is just biofeedback). With me, the Helix puts pressure on my prostate and it feels a little bit like pain. My body's reaction is to stop the contraction, but by keeping it going the "pain" (really just a different sensation) induces the involuntary contractions that lead to the super O.

    Remember, the kind of pleasure you are seeking can best be described as: "Feeling a feeling you never felt before." Unless you get in touch with each sensation you are going to kill it, either mentally or physically.

    You have to LET GO. Besides, it's fun trying!

    Good Luck : Kevin
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey RichT,
    Kevinhasfun has given you some terrific advice. Your physical, mental, and emotional states must converge in order to reach the Super-O (a/k/a sexual nirvana)
    The only thing I would add is to ease up on your contractions until you understand what triggers your body. It is very difficult to describe how much pressure you should assert, but chances are it is much less than you first thought. Take it slow, and enjoy the Journey.
  • RichTRichT
    Posts: 6
    Thanks everyone.

    It is perhaps like a woman who just can't have an orgasm, no matter how hard she tries. She gets close, but just can't get over the edge so to speak. And on other forums I have said to SOOooo many ladies - RELAX, Relax, relax!

    Okay, I've tried to relax with the Helix. Kevinhasfun, you say to REALLY focus on the sensations. Okay, that makes sense. The only problem is I don't feel any sensations. I don't feel the Helix moving on my prostate. The only feeling is around my anus as the Helix moves back and forth (and that only happens standing up LOL).

    Buster, you mention that you have been trying to have a Super O for some time now. That brings to mind (back to females again LOL) that some ladies have the "talent" (ability) to have a female ejaculation, and some just are not going to have a female ejaculation. I don't want to dampen your goal of having a Super and I wish you well. However, sometimes we all need to look at reality.

    For me at least, not feeling ANY sensation on my prostrate tells me it is unlikely that I will receive some form of pleasure.

    For those of you that do receive pleasure - ENJOY!

  • RichTRichT
    Posts: 6
    Well, for whatever it is worth - I've gone back to the Ryder butt plug. Sorry Aneros, but for whatever reason I get more "sensations" from it when I contract my muscles than I did with the Helix.

    I'm glad many others REALLY like the Aneros products and get those GREAT Super O's. Each body (physical and mental) are different and react in different manners.

  • Rich, sorry the Helix didn't work for you. It's too bad the Eupho is $80.00 (which is OUTRAGEOUS for what it costs to product) as it is longer and MIGHT work better for you. I certainly would not spend that kind of money without some kind of guarantee that you would get $80.00 bucks worth out of it. Perhaps you could give your Helix a try in a month or so - worse that could happen is that you'd have fun trying.

    Cheers: Kevin