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Vibrating Aneros?
  • Despite the fact that I have played with my ass many times, with lotz and lotz of toys, I definitely like the Aneros alot. I have yet to achieve a hand's free orgasm, however, dry ones have occured.

    I'm just wondering if there will ever be a vibrating one. I think, and of course this is just my opinion anyway, but I think that a vibrating aneros might make that experience even more pleasureable. I have a dildo that I tried with an egg-shape bullet on the end, and it vibrates, but just isn't the same. If any of the aneros's work as good as they sound (and they do) then who's not to say that a vibrating one would'nt be a good idea? Just a thought though.

    Any feedback would be cool. I wanna' see what others think about this as well.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    If you have one of the "bullet type" vibrators, they can be slipped easily into the looped handle of the Aneros. (If you don't they are available on this site for purchase, see ALL ITEMS under SHOP ON LINE). You'll need to wrap a rubber band around it also, as you will find that the vibration has a tendency to dislodge the vibrator after a minute of so. Doing this effectively creates a vibrating Aneros. Most of these units have a control that enables you to set the intensity as well. Although I've only used it occasionally, (vibrators aren't really my thing), it can quite stimulating, specifically for more traditional activities.

    As I've stated on previous occasions however, I strongly discourage everyone but advanced users from using a vibrator with their Super O sessions. Such intense stimulation (as provided by a vibrator) has a tendency to obliterate the path to this kind of experience. Furthermore, you should know that it is possible to decrease the sensitivity of the prostate by the extended use of a vibrator (not long term but certainly for purposes of a session). For this reason it is best to always vary the intensity of such devices, to avoid creating a negative feedback loop. A negative feedback loop is a phenomena that occurs on a neural level when a stimulus actually desensitizes a nerve such that it requires higher and higher levels of stimuli to maintain a given response.

    This is the exact opposite of what normally occurs with the Aneros when used in generating a Super O. There is indeed a building of sensation from a variety of sources: anal, prostate and perineal that result in small intensity stimuli building and increasing the magnitude of a response all the way to a climax. The mechanism for this is called, appropriately enough, a positive feedback loop.


    BF Mayfield