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Super F (for fecal) O's
  • I've had my MGX just over a month now and have played maybe 6 times. I take a shower first and clean out the best I can. I would put a finger in myself and discover a nice sensation if i just went inside about 1 1/2 inches and wriggled it. I was originally doing this to clean out but enjoyed the sensations. In fact if I kept doing it, i felt a wave of pleasure then release and then a small mess. almost a sphincter orgasm. Anyway I figured after that I was pretty cleaned out, would scrub up and then head to the bedroom.

    With the Aneros inserted I could get to the convulsion stage (is this not the same stage I would get to if I tried to hold a push up past the muscle fatigue stage). My breathing would get very fast and i would get some nice head rushes. The couple of times I got some sort of release, I would get a fullness/tightening in my abs and then a release which I'm surprised didn't fire the Aneros out. But I knew that when I pulled it out it was going to be messy and it was. I get lots of pre-cum and semi-erect.

    I'm not disappointed at all. Having some great fun with it.

    My question is, am I doing something wrong that I keep getting feces all over my Aneros? Am I going to have to do a full fledged enema prior instead of just some rectal cleansing?

    Thanks for any pointers.
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    A superficial cleansing won't work for something as intense as an aneros session. Its better to give yourself a full enema. This way you can really get into it, without fearing you'll make a mess.
  • mu1timu1ti
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    I find an enema sometimes makes it worse as it can cause water to go too deep and disturb my guts. Here's what I accidentally found works for me.

    An hour or 2 before I start a session I inject myself with 5-10ml of cold lube. A few minutes after I do this I always get a reaction and end up in the clear. Hope it helps you.
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    Originally Posted By: mickey
    A superficial cleansing won't work for something as intense as an aneros session. Its better to give yourself a full enema. This way you can really get into it, without fearing you'll make a mess.

    By a full enema, do you mean the bag type that you can hang so you get a better water flow. I was thinking of trying one of those. Are they supposed to be better than the syringe (bulb) type?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    I wrote on this topic some time ago, it can now be found in the sticky thread above B's BEST OF BEELINE. Check about 3/4's of the way through for a post entitled Cleaning out with Enemas. In a nutshell, I advocate a more limited enema. I also describe the various types of equipment that may used.

    One thing to consider, it is not always necessary to clean out in the first place. If you are very regular, there may be times during which there is little or no matter present in the rectum. Of course, for some people that time may be an inopportune moment for using the Aneros. Having the proper diet can help tune ones system in this regard.

    BF Mayfield
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    Let me clarify, when I say full enema, I don't mean laying face down with a enema bag connected to your rectum. I meant, a cleaning out of the anal canal with some water ( Buying a Fleet enema and replacing the solution with warm water). And you shouldn’t push the water flow up into the colon, but your purpose is to simply clean out the anal canal of any excess fecal matter. I find that, regardless of how "regular" I am, there will always be something "there" that a "regular" bowel movement simply will not get rid of. This is the nature of the bowels, there’s usually a little something left behind. Not to mention the fact that I somewhat expect "something" to appear after a couple of hours with the aneros. So, for me, I find if i'm gonna be enjoying that "area" its best to insure that everything is clean and empty.

    I find the lengths a person will go to get rid of fecal matter all depends on how comfortable he/she is with fecal matter to begin with. Some do not mind having a a certain degree of "matter" after a long hot session. As you can tell, for me, I find that this can spoil "the mood" so to speak. But by all means, do what ever leaves you feeling the most comfortable!