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Have I Found it?
  • For the past few weeks I have found myself addicted to my MGX. I can't stay away from the new found thrills, each episode a little different, no two alike. I seem to spend about three to four hours each morning teaching myself how to improve the climaxes. I have found it best for me to lay on my right side with the right leg straight,and the left leg up to my chest. I have climaxed as many as 10 times in a session leaving myself exhausted but happier than ever. BUT, yesterday topped them all. I had read in the Forum about laying off for a couple of days. I did, but all I could think of was my "white angel", as I now call the MGX, rubbing against my prostate. Finally it was play time. The morning started out as always, shower, clean myself out, lay ot the towel,lube up and insert my MGX.I did the breathing exersizes and could feel the Angel take over. The sensations were just great as my body went into convulsions and I had a dry climax. My cock felt hard but I would not touch it. I seemed to have one orgasm after another spaced about five minutes apart for me which seemed normal. Then. I straighten out my legs, on on top of the other and concentrated on the Angel. Suddenly I could feel it take over, what a feeling as I slowly was brought to the brim of a climax. My cock felt as if it were going to explode but again another dry climax with only the precum as usual. The big difference was the fact that there was no five minutes between each orgasm but I had three, one right after the other. I thought the bed was going to fall apart. The convulsions were out of this world so as I cant describe them.There was precum all over me and my cock was so hard that I layed on my back, spread my legs with my knees in the air and manually brought myself to the biggest and best climax I have had in years.I was covered in cum as were the sheets and towel as well.Yes, my Angel was still inserted. I cant wait till the next session. I'll wait a couple of days again and see what the Angel has in store for me.
    Question, how do I get to the Super O? If I am correct, in a Super O the penis will shoot cum all by itself, no touching.
    In all, I do believe that the MGX is the best tool on the market.
    Any and all pointers are welcome
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Bill,

    Great post. Sounds as though you are having fun. In regards to your question at the bottom, go check out B. Mayfields 1/27/07 posting in the "B's Keys" sticky post in the top area of the forum. I belive that he answered that question perfectly.

    Continued success.