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Was this protate fluid?
  • I just got my aneros yesterday and it was definately quite an experience! I used it the first time and during the first hour I felt sensations I have never felt before in my anal region. At the end of the first hour of having this inserted I was doing medium contractions and all the sudden while i relaxed my anus, the aneros started to move on its own. It was like my prostate was doing all the work and moving the aneos on it'
    s own. It only lasted for about 10 seconds but it felt soooo good. I guess I lost focus due to pressed time, and it stopped but it did feel like something major was going on in me. It felt like something was building up. I stopped about an hour later and never reached that peak before but I loved the feeling of this massaging my prostate. It felt really tingly. I used it again that night, following the directions to a T, and I was moaning very loudly and my body was shaking. I couldn't believe how much I was jumping around on the bed! I think it hit a nerve or something but it was sure of an experience. I don't think I had a "super O" but I had a super ejaculation. I used it for about 2 hours and I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to masterbate. Now, I take a lot of medications and it is kinda difficult for me when I masterbate. I left the aneros in and started dry masterbating. The sensations were much better with the aneros because I felt feelings not only in my penis but my anal area as well. I could feel the aneros sliding in and out of me and not long after I could feel that I was about to explode. I haven't came that much in a long time. I felt the pulses of the orgasm much more and they were longer. I would have to say at least 6-8, and with every stream came more ejaculate with more force. THe really strange part of all of this was that after the orgasm and all this THIN fluid (not semen) all over my stomach and neck, came another orgasm but it didn't last because I think i became aware of what was going on and I lost concentration. It was a penile orgasm as well but it came after this thin fluid came out of me. I thought at first it was semen but when I put my hand in it, it didn't feel like semen. It was much thinner and it tasted different. It was very salty. I don't know what it was but I was covered in it. It was thin milky stuff. Well I definately am going to try the aneros again when I get plenty of time and hope to have as much pleasure or more. Can anyone tell me if they have had an experience like me? Was the ejaculate prostate fluid or what?
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    doug 34 -

    To understand what is happening and to answer your question, you need to look at the ejaculatory process itself. This occurs in two phases. The first phase involves contractions of the entire genital tract - from the epididymis through seminal ducts to seminal vesicles. Fluid from the prostate gland is pumped into the upper urethra where it is joined by fluid from the seminal ducts and seminal vesicles. During the orgasmic phase repeated amounts of prostatic fluid are added to the seminal fluid content by contractions of the prostate. As the ejaculatory process starts the sphincter (muscle) at the base of the bladder closes. This stops any urine being forced into the semen.
    The second phase starts with a relaxation of the urethral sphincter at the base of the prostate. This allows the semen to flow into the expanded urethral bulb and urethra of the penis. The contractions of the muscles in the perineum and penis propel the semen along the urethra and out of the penis. While the first third of the semen contains about 75% of all the sperm of the ejaculate, the later part of the emission is formed largely of fluids from the seminal vesicles and prostate gland.

    So to answer your question - the flow of the thinner fluid you describe, following on from the productive (in quantity terms) part of the ejaculate is largely composed of seminal fluid (the product of the seminal vesicles) and prostatic fluid. It also more readily resembles the fluid produced by (ejaculatory free) prostate massage or 'milking'.