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Body Convulsions...
  • Well,
    After owning and using the aneros for two months now, I think I've finally started to get the hang of things. I had nothing to do saturday morning so I started my session lying on my side as usual. After spending alot of time contracting, I started to feel a little exhausted and almost bored with the results. I tried to hold a last contraction and suddenly my leg started tensing up and then convulsing uncontrollably. It spread from my feet up to my arms and then across to my other leg and my buttocks. It was truly intense! I had never experienced anything like this before, although I'll admit it was a little startling. My entire bed was shaking back and forth with the violence of the convulsions. Its a terrible analogy, but I felt a little like Linda Blair in The Exorcist(!)
    After about 45 mins of these quiverings coming and going, I finally had to stop my session, being too tired to go on. I still haven't felt any pleasurable/orgsmic feelings yet, but I finally feel like I've taken a BIG step in the right direction, especially after feeling so many false starts and disapointments with my results over the past two months. I really was ready to throw my aneros in the trash can. I now know a little better where to direct my thoughts and expectations and I can only look forward to my next few sessions. So for all of you feeling as frustrated as I have, I think the key really is to keep trying and be patient. I think I'm on my way :)