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Aneros-free 'Super Os'!
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    Aneros-free 'Super Os'!

    I have been using various Aneros devices for some time now and following on from recommendations posted by B F Mayfield, I regularly use the strategy of beginning a conventional (is that possible!) Aneros session with Aneros-free ' Super Os'. This does not mean that I will be abandoning the Aneros - far from that!

    An Aneros session that follows Aneros-free 'Super Os' produces the most intense sensations and powerful orgasms that I have ever experienced. I guess that the body becomes so highly pre-conditioned and sexually charged - with the prostate in an extremely receptive and sensitive state, it extends the possibilities for the Aneros.

    What the use of the Aneros device has done in this context is to open the way through for dry multi-orgasms that I pursued (in the context of Taoist Tantric teachings) for many years prior to purchasing my Aneros devices.

    My reason for posting is to ask how many users there are that benefit from using Aneros-free 'Super Os' as a precursor to Aneros session itself. Not a scientific survey in any way - rather a way to understand how many of us enjoy what can be an intense first step to the session.

    Any thoughts?


  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Hello Calton,

    I would be very interested in getting more information on the Taoist Trantic Teachings. What are your suggestions? Do you have a good website? This sounds rather intriguing for me. Please let me know. Nice to hear from you again......nood
  • I strongly agree that to begin a session with out the aneros only using the Jack Johnston breathing method to bring on a super O is a very excitng and satisfying way to go. I often begin the first part while reading the paper or watching TV. As the excitement rises and the involuntaries become very very intense, it's time for a trip to the bathroom to insert the Aneros and then back to the TV. The orgasms flow one after the other each building upon the previous all the while I'm sitting in the living room acting like I'm watching TV but actually enjoying the most intense orgasms imaginable..It seems unbelieveable that the orgasms just keep getting more and more intense. There doesn't seem to be any limit to how good it can get. I have been diong this every day at least once and often several times per day since I first received the aneros which was on Nov. 1st 2005. A day I'll never forget. I had my first really big O about 2 weeks after I received the aneros. The thing that really got it going for me was to learn the breathing "key sounds" technique taught bt Jack Johnston. My advice is to spend the small amount of bucks that the techniques will cost to learn because it speeds up the process immeasurably.. It's a good thing I didn't know about all this multiple orgasm thing when I was younger because if I had, i would probably always have been late for work. The big "Os" are very addictive and once you have found them you will never want to let them go.

    By the way, sitting down in an easy chair is one of my favorite positions and places. The flexible tail of the aneros does not interfere with the involuntary movement at all. Try it ,, you'll like it!
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    nood -

    Thanks for your interest in this aspect where the Aneros can help.
    If you want some references to Taoist tantric thinking in this context, (websites), you could look at my post in the thread entitled 'I tried something different ...'. Select the later post dated 2005.10.21 - the sites are listed in the text.

    There's enough there to let you see what this is about.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0

    I have experienced a device free orgasm

    It happens about a couple days after I have a session with the Aneros.
    I will describe it as an itchy feeling on my prostrate, and when I clinch my anal muscles the feeling gets more intense. I think my body is telling me it is time for another session with my Aneros.

    I never knew feelings in my prostrate until the Aneros showed me the way.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    I agree with jimwho.

    I first became multi-orgasmic by learning Jack Johnston's Key Sound Multiple Orgasm (KSMO) technique and then found out about the aneros a couple months later.

    I think it's so much easier to start out by first getting in touch with your body's natural multi-orgasmic ability before introducing the aneros or similiar devices.

    When you already know how to give yourself multiple orgasms with your body, then you're guaranteed to get a lot more mileage out of your Aneros. not to mention it takes away any pressure to "make it happen," while you're learning.

    Calton, I think it's awesome that the Aneros has been the key to awakening your kundalini and experiencing MMO's spontaneously and without devices. Congratulations!

    Kinda funny how it works both ways...

    Oh, and to answer your survey - personally I begin my sessions by first inserting the aneros and just relaxing in front of the TV for about 15-30 minutes. For some reason, I find it's critical for me to feel totally relaxed and comfortable with the device inserted before I even start to become aroused.

    So for me, it's insertion and relaxation first, THEN I use a combination of KSMO, Amygdala Clicking, and visualization techniques to start the Super-O's. No contractions required!


  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    Thanks to all for your responses -
    The sensations that are generated following a short period of total abstinence (5-7 days) offer me the best opportunities for Aneros-free MMOs. I am interested to read that you can provoke these without any contractions at all, instead relying on visualisation and breathing techniques. I can use these as a strarting point but have to return to the mildest of contractions to push myself over the edge. I will try and develop my techniques further following your suggestions. Thanks for your contributions everyone.