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  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Although I'm not the first to congratulate you, I just wanted to say how happy I am for you! As a matter of fact, I decided to create a new thread in celebration of it!

    Joe, I know (more than most) how patient you have been over the last 16 months (I think I've got that right, yes?). There is no question in my mind, from how you've described it, that your patience and persistence has finally paid off.

    Sounds like a Super O to me !

    I know that at this point that you'll be concerned with trying to replicate the experience. Rest assured that it will happen again for you....just use your sense memory to guide you. That is, the memory of sensation can have a life of it's own....use it! Memories aren't real you say? Just tell that to an amputee with phantom limb syndrome who swears that the arm (that he no longer has) is itching him!! Just to make the point that memories and thoughts can be powerful sources of stimuli. You've got 'em... now use them!

    It hard to believe that a change in lube did it for you too? Is it possible that there's another factor involved? Perhaps your body (or your mind) was finally ready for the experience. Maybe you might want to expand on this.

    No matter, to all that read this....FleshJoe is a perfect example of a guy that took the trip not knowing when he was going to get there and just stayed with it! I know from our coorespondence with one another that he had pleasant journey along the way, but he also had his frustrations with it all. The point is however, that he stayed with it, kept an open mind about it, and continued exploring. This is the essence of the journey.

    Cheers to FleshJoe and to the Journey!

  • Edit
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    Thanks Brian! It was a very good experience and I've had during these two days of break had many times some feelings in my butt as if I was going to repeat the pleasure. Talk about "sensation memory" :) I sure know what you're talking about.

    OK, yes, I hadnt had an ejaculation in like four or five days before that. And I had used the Aneros at least twice without finishing off with an ejaculation. So there was considerable build up of tension and sexual energy. I'll stay off the Aneros tonite if I can resist its call :) We'll see.

    Thanks to everyone who wrote to congratulate me. Its possibly not a super O, I hope its not actually because I would like to hope there's even more to discover. For me it turned from a distinct goal into a pursuit of the journey itself, the landscape is so interesting :):)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Again, from your description it's fairly clear that you had an orgasm of the non-ejaculatory type. Furthermore, you had multiples, coming with waves, contractions, super hard erection, euphoria = Super O.

    That said, Super O's come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Yes, there are certainly more surprises to come your way I'd say. The ride is just beginning.