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How long is your orgasm trip?
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Hello everyone,

    Just had a fantastic journey tonight using my mgx. I've had so many unbelievable journeys since I started. Have been having the most awesome results with my knees on the floor and chest on the bed. This leaves my whole middle area free to do what 'it' pleases.

    Started out tonight by standing in the kitchen doing some cooking, Standing and walking really gets me going fast. I got into my position and within 5 minutes I was having a good orgasm. This position for me creates such wonderful and direct touching from my mgx onto, around, and within the canal. I have learned how to move to where I get the most effect from the mgx, and how fast or slow I should move.

    I have learned from all the fine threads that the super o is not the hands free penile ejaculation. I have had two experiences with them. They are truly great, but the multiple waves are even better.

    My tremendous out-of-this world trip tonight lasted, or should I say, I quit after 1 hr. I have never gone this long with wave after wave of pure pleasure.

    Here are my questions. To all the experts out there and Anerous support group, is an hours length of orgasms normal? How long are your average sessions? I could have kept going, but needed to get things done. And to the gals who are with us. How long are your orgasms normally? Are you able to have them for an hour too? I did not have a solid orgasm which lasted 1 hr, but waves would come and go. I would stop and just get my breathing under control and start up, and bang, I was there again. Its so nice, but it kind of seems unsureal. I just started the journey in the first part of January.

    When should I try a different stimulator? I have the Helix also, but I believe I have had the best trips with the Mgx. I should probably experiment with the Helix some time soon again. Is it good to switch up once in a while? I read the the Euphos does wonders. I sometimes think how much better can things be.......

    To all the new guys out there striving to get to the super o, its so worth it. I never thought that it would be so pleasureable to have orgasms like this, with not even having ejaculations. Penile ejaculations are truly great, but once the waves start, its beyond words.

    Thanks for listening. Everyones advise is awesome, especially B. Mayfield. It's interesting to read how and where each guy or gal is in their journey. Have a good night. Enjoy the journey to where ever you are going. nood
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,091

    To answer your question regarding the length of the sessions, yes, an hour is absolutely normal (and pretty wonderful isn't it?) I've also had sessions which lasted this long and some even longer. (I've also had many shorter sessions that were excellent as well). In the midst of such sessions of course, I'm rarely thinking about time, it's only afterwards that I have some sense of what's taken place. In general, I advise people not to be concerned with time per se and just do what feels good to them. Eventually in any Super O session there comes a point where ones stamina becomes an issue too. So don't get yourself so exhausted that you can't enjoy a good ejaculation as the topper. As far as duration of the average session goes , I wrote on this some time ago in my BEE LINE thread, check it out.

    Regarding which model to use, experimentation is always cool, and the different units all have their own charms. If you're happy with where you're at...stay with it. If you're feeling adventurous or curious, check 'em out!

    Sounds like you're at a terrific place with this...


    BF Mayfield