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A caution - Moving too fast and using things other than The
  • I want to help others avoid a mistake I made that has caused me a lot of physical discomfort and prompted a good deal of fear. In pursuit of a fast Super O I did not order an Aneros product. I found something that was approximately the same same (as far as I could tell from the photos) and gave it a try. Bad mistake.

    Presumably, because the device was not designed to do what I was trying to do I ended up harming myself. While using my substitute device I could feel some of the incredible sensations described by others on this forum so I tried too hard and ended up with a muscle in a tense contraction. The pain lasted 4 days and it was very, very uncomfortable.

    My advice! Use only products specifically designed to be used inside the body - like those sold by Aneros!!! Next, follow the directions and the experience of those who have used it successfully. DO NOT USE MUSCULAR FORCE Relax and take your time. If you try to be inventive like I was, or try to force the process, you may very well pay an VERY unpleasant price.
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    What was the name of the device that you tried? If we know maybe we can a avoid the same problem.

    You could probably have hurt yourself with the Aneros if you used too much forcing of contractions.

  • I was dumb enough to try to make something myself out of a piece of hard rubber. I'm too embarrassed to admit any more. Just stick with the pro and don't try to same money. It isn't worth it.