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Nickle Modification
  • eroseros
    Posts: 5
    Here is a way to quickly and easily modify the aneros without permanently altering it....attach a Nickle to the abutment tab. I did this using small strips of duct tape and positioned the nickle so the edge is slightly closer to my body than the abutment tab, and about 1/4" away from the anus, so it hit my spot perfectly.

    Using this method does not alter the aneros to the point of no return. It would be easy to take the nickle off or readjust it if the sweet spot wasn't hit properly. I would think you could attach it with hot-melt glue just as well, though not as easy to reposition if you didn't get it right.
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    Seems like a good idea. I find the pressure a little stingy (like it stings).

    I think I'll use a Canadian nickel as it has a beaver on it! Sexier than George.
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    Just make sure the you have the Beaver side of the nickle and not the Queen of England side.