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First experience with the Aneros : almost a super O?
  • Hello everyone,

    I received the Aneros today, and I was really eager to try it... I tried it for the first time this afternoon, but I guess I was too quick and I almost did not feel anything... I tried to relax, and breathe slowly as well as contract my sphincter muscles... But nothing did happen... I guess I was not in the right state of mind...

    So, I tried again tonight... It's difficult to describe what happened... I felt I was on the way to the super O that has been described by other members on this forum... Here is what happened :
    I followed the procedures on the instruction manual : I relaxed, put a lot of lube and inserted the device into my rectum, then I lay on my side and tried different positions so that I was comfortable with the Aneros... By the way, I am gay, and I am used to anal intercourse, and I was surprised by the small size of the Aneros... First, I guess I contracted the sphincter muscles too quickly as nothing happened once again... So I tried a different routine... I started to contract the muscles slower and longer...and I felt something : like my prostate was swelling and I could feel my anus tingling... I knew I was on the right way then... I contracted the muscles longer and harder...

    Then, what happened was beyond description but I was so shocked it only lasted for a few seconds... My heart started pounding, my cock became erect as if it was about to come, and I started to feel in ecstasy (just like when you are under the ecstasy pill, which I haven't taken for years now). My senses were altered : I started seeing and feeling butterflies all over me... Unfortunately, I then realised that my cock was stuck between my thighs and I tried to change positions... Then, the ecstasy feeling faded away... Had I waited for a few more seconds, I am sure I would have experienced the super O...After relaxing for a short while, I tried again, but nothing happened again... So I gave up for tonight and jerked off instead...

    Now, I cannot even remember where my G-Spot is (I tried different spots and positions) but what I felt tonight won't be forgotten that soon... I now know that lying on my left side is the best way...

    Tell me if I was about to experience the super O????


  • Hello again,

    I tried the Aneros MGX again last night... The session was better than on the previous day. Like the other day, I did follow the procedure and relaxed... I had long and deep breaths while contracting my sphincter...

    Then, like on the other day, I started feeling very warm, my heart began pounding again and my cock became very erect (this was about 10 minutes after I had the Aneros inserted into my anus)... I had a strong wave of pleasure which lasted for about one minute or so, during which my senses were altered. It was highly enjoyable and I tried for it to last as long as possible. However, no dry orgasm or the "BAM" thing described by some others on this forum, nor involuntary contractions (I had some involuntary contractions immediately after having inserted the Aneros into my anus, and these did not last).

    While having the wave of pleasure, I contracted my sphincter harder and several times... I felt I was about to have an orgasm, but nothing happened and suddenly the wave of pleasure, the warmness disappeared...and I was not able to bring it back for the next 20 minutes, so I gave up.

    What should I do to make that very enjoyable feeling last and ultimately reach the super O ???

  • It's me again... Fourth time with the Aneros...Just finished my session with it... And still better and better... This time, I tried the Aneros on my knees, legs spread apart which is my favourite position when I am bottoming for my partner.

    I read somewhere that the key to the Super O is to get aroused... So I took my laptop in my bedroom and downloaded a porn movie...

    Great experience!!! I felt I almost got to the Super O... This time, instead of ONE wave of pleasure, I had no less than 6 waves of pleasure in 15 minutes, each different in intensity... And my cock was erect almost all the time... I did not touch myself apart once (and I realised that when I was grabbing my cock, the waves of pleasure generated by the prostate were disappearing)... So I stopped touching myself and focused on the waves of pleasure which gradually went stronger and stronger (never felt such strong pleasure so far)... I almost felt I was about to have a dry orgasm... I had loads of pre-cum (which I usually don't have - or very little - when I have "normal" sex). At one point, I had unvoluntary contractions (a first tonight!) and I started moaning and shaking... I still am shaking right now...

    Unfortunately, at one point, it became really unbearable not to have an orgasm even though I was moaning and shaking the whole time...I just had to blow my load and I grabbed my cock... To my amazement, the ejaculatory orgasm was the best I ever had!!! I could not stop myself from shouting (whereas when I have "normal" sex, I can abstain myself from shouting since I live in an apartment and I have neighbours who might hear me). I am almost certain the neighbours heard me... I am literally exhausted now but happy!!!

    Next time, I will be more patient...And hopefully, I will get a Super O...

    If you have advice, please give it to me, so that I can improve my technique ;-)
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113

    Your neighors probably didn't realize how much of a good time you were having either. Just wait until they really hear you having fun....!nood