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Some observations.
  • HelmutHelmut
    Posts: 1
    Having had success with my prostate stimulator, these are offered as observations that might be worth reading. However, much of what I say is not new. Much has already been stated here by others, especially the ever-helpful and perceptive B. Mayfield.

    These are my opinions about my experience with achieving the Super O. I do not hand them off as gospel.

    A proper fit may be the most important aspect of achieving a Super O. I started with the MGX, eventually had success, but could not repeat it. The Helix, however, worked very well for me. I can’t help thinking though that all my work with the MGX “prepped” me for the Helix. Don’t think I would have had the success with it right out of the box otherwise. In other words, no time is wasted whilst in pursuit.

    It really is a journey, equal parts spiritual and physical.

    Your state of mind is important. Be relaxed. Don’t try to make things happen.

    Play alone. Sharing can follow mastery.

    Lube may not be as important as is often stressed. Lubing to get the thing safely and comfortably in and out may be enough.

    Internal movement of the device may not be all that critical either. Mine barely moves in me. The body’s contractions around it create the magic, whether the stimulator is moving or not.

    External manipulation of the device will lead to short term pleasure, possibly ejaculation, but no Super O.

    Ditto penis. Very important: Do not touch.

    Body position is a matter of choice, yet it will be difficult to successfully move into the fetal position once things get going, and that is what the body will want and need to do. Laying on your side is best for that. Having to roll over or change positions once things start may easily disturb your momentum.

    For me, these last two are very important:

    Empty bowels. Preferably without an enema. Wait until you’ve had your last evacuation of the day, and don’t start for at least a half hour afterwards. Enemas may cause internal swelling and either desensitization or over-sensitization, both of which are counterproductive.

    No traditional orgasm for three to seven days before a session with your prostate stimulator. The longer you wait, the better your chances for a Super O. This will be especially true for beginners.

    By the way, I consider myself a beginner. There’s a lot further to go in this journey, and I look forward to learning more from my fellow travelers here.

    Good luck all!