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Inquisitive Beginner
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    Hello all,

    I just thought I'd share my experience just because I feel the need to share and this is the place for it. It's difficult to start a conversation like this (and keep it comfortable for all) down at the pub....

    For background, I'm in my late 20s and single.

    I thought I'd take this time while I'm on my own to find my limits. Both what I can handle physically and what disturbs me idealogically. It seems the Aneros fits both categories.

    I'd seen Aneros products on websites and read about them a couple of years ago but at the time I was shopping for other things and the idea of a prostate massager was intruguing however I couldn't see myself using it.

    Recently Aneros came back into my vision and I thought I'd throw mindset into the wind and give it a go. It seems where I live you can't buy Aneros from "just any" sex shop, so I had to go to what I consider a very hardcore place to buy it. I found the model I was after (MGX) along side gas masks and butt plugs. I think this illustrates the concept of prostate massage for pleasure isn't in the mainstream conciousness.

    Anyway, I got home, read the instructions along with a few forum postings and gave it a go. My first round was like almost everyone else's. I was getting used to the intrusive nature of having something up my ass. Relaxation is no problem as I'm on break from University and there is nothing to stress about at the moment.

    I tried all sorts of lube amounts, all sorts of contractions exercising many muscle groups and found (by pleasant surprise) a circumstance where the lightest "touch"/contraction at a certain percentage caused odd things to happen. This took quite some time to get to. I have a new-age MGX that has ribs near the base and the first "odd" thing I recall was my sphincter was being pleasured by these ribs. It takes a little time to realize it's a good feeling. On reflection, I seemingly needed to contract a fair amount for this to happen. Anyway, very shortly after I noticed the ribs, my breathing and heart rate went up and general goodness started to overcome me (light twitching all over, dizzyness, tingling, non-descript "gee, that's good"). At this point I must have altered my state of mind because it all stopped. I rolled over onto my other side and was able to repeat a short spell of general goodness. I then put it away for the night.

    This morning I awoke with more curiosity. I thought I can't be too far away from even better general goodness. So, another round!

    Knowing how gentile you need to be and understanding how much I needed to contract, I was able to get back to that light state of general goodness fairly easily. I then realised that the goodness was stopping because I was rubbing my penis on the bed and when that registers to your brain it seems to kill any Aneros movement. So, onto my back with feet near my butt-cheeks. Off I went... Again, light general goodness. No probs, been there. After a little while there grew an overwhelming, almost uncontrollable, urge to allow my body to REALLY take the Aneros. I do mean REALLLY TAKE. Like, it wants to find your tonsils. After a couple of times I learned to follow this urge. This is when things almost literally took off ("Ghostbusters" - posessed Sigourney style.). Light twitching of an eyelid, toe or strand within a muscle rapidly turned into heavily rubbing my head into my pillow, flailing arms, rubbing my torso and my legs lifting my buttocks and back (well and truly) off the bed. There might have been a vocal element but I can't remember. I seemingly had no concious choice in a lot of this. After a while I started to wonder how long this would go on for, I think I also thought about my penis and things subsided. I had no feeling of "release". I suspect this will happen eventually.

    I'm now left with a mostly satisfied feeling along with some fatigued abdominal muscles.

    Some things I have realized is that it really challenges your comfort levels. Having the Aneros in place and contracting your sphincter is not enough. You need to be able to accept what is happening (both physically and mentally) and allow more of it when you least expect.

    I've found (for my body) I needed to be able to accept the Aneros completely. Out of context the places Aneros reached are ABSOLUTELY out of bounds. However, without opening my mind to allow my body to react in the way it did would have stopped me from writhing around the bed in a way I only thought chicks could (not that I've been able to cause it either, but that's beside the point. And not for lack of trying).

    I don't think I'll get bored of my new toy too soon. If I do go off completely I'll make another post.
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey an-db,

    Welcome to the world of men who have cast off pre-conceived notions of male sexuality and have been rewarded with pleasures most men will never experience. Your first two sessions sound like they were quite successful. You are certainly going to enjoy the journey. Just relax and savor each new sensation. The Aneros requires some experience but that's whats fun and rewarding about it. I look forward to reading about your progress

  • nood1963nood1963
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    Hello an-db

    Isn't it great to see what us men can do for ourselves sexually.

    Most everytime I learn something new about myself and the aneros experience. There is a lot of excellent advise in the threads and forum pages. B.F. Mayfield especially has helped me with all his personal and helping advise.

    Enjoy your new experiences. nood