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HELP! First time trying aneros with companion
  • CookieCookie
    Posts: 3
    I was just wondering if anyone could help me a little. I got my hubby an aneros mgx. He has been experimenting with prostate massage, but I wanted to try and make it even better for him, so hence the aneros. I´ve read a lot of stuff about couples using aneros, but I find myself a little confused. In places people say I should try giving him additional stimulation and some say that i shouldn´t touch him, because of the threat of a premature ejaculation. So I was hoping to get some useful tips here. Here are some things I worry about, of course all info is gratefully accepted:)

    1. How should we prepare for the first Aneros experiment, I know that the man should be given time to get used to the gadget on his own, but were so eagerly looking forward to trying it out, that i dont think i can bare just letting him enjoy himself alone. What are the things i should avoid doing or do? How can I make the first time wonderful?

    2. What am I allowed/encouraged to do while his using the aneros. I would really like to kiss him and otherwise try to heighten his pleasure, but I´m afraid of completely botching it for him.

    3. I´ve heard that it is wonderful to have intercourse while he´s using aneros, but I would like to know the pros and cons of this. Of course possible reccomendations on positions and stuff like that would really help. Also I was wondering would it feel good if I would please him orally, or will it just provoke an early orgasm, ruining his fun?

    4. I´m just generally scared I will ruin the experience for him and would really love to get any tips on this make sure he would have the time of his life.

    well thats about it, please if you have any tips for me share them:)

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Just curious at the outset, why you seem so convinced that you'll ruin the experience for him in some way? Don't worry about it so much. Yes, there are some things that you can do to facilitate the experience, but remember this isn't a one time shot deal either, don't place too much expectation on the first shot.

    On the first outing I think it's nice to give some taste of the new with the traditional. That is, some hands-off activities combined with some hands-on. The following is an example session.

    I would suggest a nice hot shower together for starters. Get him nice and squeeky clean all over. Get him aroused but do so preferably without too much attention to his penis. Have your bed prepared ahead of time with several towel at the ready (using lube can be messy on occasion). Start by kissing him all over (avoiding his penis if at all possible). Now give him a nice and gentle anal massage with some KY, avoiding any deep penetration (you'll be letting the Aneros do that). This will prepare him for insertion of the unit by prelubricating his anus and will also relax his sphincter. Tease his anus with your finger...making his anus desire deeper penetration! You may want to take a lubricated finger and massage his navel at the same time (this can also be done with your tongue to great effect as well). Now gently introduce the Aneros and let his sphincter take over pulling the unit in as he becomes accustomed to it. You may continue for a short working his navel while he does this or maybe work your way up to his nipples for a while (that is assuming that he enjoys having his nipples sucked, nibbled and licked...I do).

    After a bit you may want to disengage with him and start to work on yourself. Put yourself close to his face and let him be in close proximity to your vagina (preferably close enough to see and yes smell). This is all about working up arousal: connecting with the visual and olfactory centers of the brain. Penetrate yourself with one or two fingers or a dildo, encourage him to contract as you penetrate yourself. It's okay to let him see you come. You might even let him penetrate your anus with a finger letting him feel the pressure of YOUR contractions from time to time.

    Now you may consider shifting focus to his penis for a bit. Get it nice an wet with your tongue, encouraging him to continue with his anal contractions. Now time for some intercourse! The best positions I've found (work for the Aneros) are missionary, side lying and on all fours. On all fours (doggy style) is great because he can play with you clitoris, anus while penetrating your vagina while he's being massaged by the Aneros! If he doesn't come from this, well...he will let's just say that. And by the way if he comes sooner from any of the other activities...go with it, there no disgrace in any of it. Frankly, this is all a part of finding your way with a new kind of stimulation.

    With respect to the Super O that you've read about, this probably best reserved for some solo sessions at least intially. Once he becomes proficient with producing anal sensations you may come back into the picture, particularly in the role of ramping up his arousal. To this end, make certain that he reads through the forum, there is a wealth of information here.

    Enjoy and explore!

    BF Mayfield

    P.S. I'm so impressed with you that you're so involved in making this a wonderful experience for your husband....he's one lucky guy!
  • CookieCookie
    Posts: 3
    A million thanks to you Mayfield :)

    I feel a lot more confident now that I´ve read and re-read your very useful and thorough guide. The reason why I was feeling sort of scared and like I´d ruin the experience for him, is probably the fact that I´m a woman and thus have no idea what he´s feeling, of course I know all about the things he likes in "ordinary" sex, but this is like a leap into the unknown..after searching a lot on this subject it´s obvious that with aneros he could reach new heights of pleasure and I´m sort of obsessing about him getting there :D But I guess I just have to do what you told me and try to relax about this and just see how things go and not give up if things dont work out the first time.

    It was also really encouraging and nice to hear that you thought I was doing something special by wanting to please my hubby in this way:) That made me feel that no matter how things go, it´s already an achievement to want to try it.

    So once again, thanks:) A load has been lifted off my shoulders and I think I´ll even be able to enjoy myself and not spend the whole night worrying that I´m doing things wrong.

  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Hello Cookie,

    It is so awesome that women like you are so willing to help men with our (male sexuality). I'm single and think it is just grand that you are so willing to share the experiences of the aneros with your husband. He should feel very lucky.

    I use the mgx the most and it has been just great finding my own sexual self through orgasms. I never thought that I could get off for minutes at a time. It just blows my mind to where us guys can go.

    You and your husband will have good results in the future. Hope your husband gets just as interested as you. There is so much good advise in these threads and forum pages.

    Good luck and keep us guys and gals informed.

  • CookieCookie
    Posts: 3
    hi ya Nood:)

    Thanks for being so nice and for making me feel even better about doing this. It´s great to hear the male´s point of view in this man was feeling sort of reproachful when he told me about his fixation for prostate stimulation, he suspected I would think he´s having some sort doubts about his sexuality (though I was surprised, of course I didnt think that). But it´s so funny, the more I find out about aneros and prostate massage...the more I feel that straight men who dont know about it or dont even want to know about it,,,are totally missing out on something wonderful. I bet there are a lot of women like me out there, who would kill for another way to please their partners,,so i guess most of the credit should go to men who "confess" to their partners that they would like to try...heh i for one would never have had the courage to ask my hubby if he wants something stuck up his bum, to be crude, I´m just getting sort of excited about getting to experience a whole new thing with him. I´ll be sure to read this forum often and maybe I´ll get him to browse through it too. I´m just happy to notice that this forum is full of really helpful and nice people:)

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    I have been using an standard MGX Aneros for several years during intercourse with my wife. Usually, it's best in missionary position. Truly, the orgasams are wonderful and pulsating. Actually, it is my preferred method.

    Much of my Aneros use is with the wife using her hands or feet. Gotta love it.

    She leaves me alone when I want solo time. There is no way you could ruin his experience.