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Questions from a wife
  • I recently purchased the Aneros MGX for my husband. We had been experimenting with some anal play, and both found it highly erotic. The first time my husband used the MGX following the directions on the website. He said that it felt good but was not nearly as good as when I used my fingers to stimulate his prostate.

    Last night we decided to try it again...and initially the results were similar. He was able to get some of the shaky/contractions when he squeezed his pelvic muscles tightly, but no significant pleasure. I decided to put some pressure on the MGX - basically, I took the handle and firmly tilted it upwards, and pulled the abutment tab towards me. My thought was that if the Aneros was pressed up against his prostate he would be more stimulated...and he was. He would get very aroused, almost to the point of orgasm, but then it would drop off. This happened repeatedly, until we both began to get tired (my arm muscles were kind of cramping from holding the Aneros in position) and we gave in and made love.

    While he obviously didn't have the "Super O" that I have heard so much about...what did he have? Are we on the right track? Any suggestions to bring him over the edge? And finally, are there any other wives who assist there husbands with the Aneros?

    Thanks for all your help - I have spent quite a bit of time reading posts on this board and find it very...arousing.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I think I speak for all of the forum users when I say...."the feeling is mutual..." We find it very arousing to read about a lady who is as involved as you are in your partner's pleasure.

    I must begin by telling that it is not recommended to use the Aneros manually as you have done. As you may know from reading the forum, the massager is anatomically designed to provide stimulation to the prostate by anal contractions alone. You must remember also that the Aneros is made of a hard material and with it's angled shape transfers a great deal of pressure when worked by hand. Furthermore, vigorous massage can sometimes desensitize the prostate (a negative feedback loop) such that one requires greater and greater pressure to feel anything. Unlike your fingers, you can't always know how much pressure you are yielding. This is of a special concern with respect to the prostate as you want to avoid doing any damage. Not to scare you, but there are those who have experienced some bleeding from this practice that you've described. I'm particularly alarmed with the notion that your arm got tired from massaging HIM with the Aneros...not good, far too much pressure!

    My suggestion is to give your husband some nice tender anal massage and slowly introduce the Aneros, then maybe segue to giving him some oral pleasure encouraging him to contract at will. Work him up until you mount him for some intercourse. But keep it hands off as far as the Aneros is's much safer.

    With respect to him experiencing the much lauded Super O, it is a process that is best explored alone, at least initially. Keep in mind that the sensations that he's after, are at first very subtle and NOT revealed by vigorous prostate massage. It is subtle prostate massage that awakens the prostate making it more sensitive to the touch as opposed to less. Combined with the action of the abutment tab on his perineal accupressure spot a positive feedback loop is created generating more sensation. After some time it will be possible for you to re-enter the picture, particularly in the area of arousing him. Let him watch you masturbate...let him watch you come and encourage him let him to massage his prostate by means of his contractions. Be aware that results may not be immediate and that this approach requires some time and patience to develop... but it is well worth it!


    BF Mayfield