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Experienced First Hands-Free Ejaculation
  • (this post was edited 2006-01-27 11:28:26)

    Hello gang!

    Sorry I've been incommunicado lately. I recently had a bout with a computer virus that eventually forced me to replace all my drives and reinstall the O/S and programs from scratch. Since then, I've been swamped with work.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my happiest Aneros experience yet, which occurred a couple of days ago. Here's what happened:

    I have had my Aneros for about 15 months with minimal success.

    I was using my Aneros a couple of times per week until about the last 6 weeks, and then, almost never. I had nearly given up.

    I had not had an orgasm in 4 days (I usually have about one per day). Yes, I was horny to say the least.

    4 hours of "foreplay" involving porn, a long bath, and rectal cleansing followed by about 30 minutes with the Aneros inserted while doing other things.

    I finally settled into bed, lying on my back, legs straight but in a slight "V" (my Aneros has the curly handle cut off).

    Lights were dimmed, erotic video playing on TV.

    I performed the relaxation exercises briefly, perhaps 5 minutes. Nothing fancy.

    I held a fairly strong sphincter contraction while I began to fantasize about an extremely erotic situation involving me being penetrated.

    Eventually my contraction began to waver rather quickly.

    I could feel my prostate enlarge and press against the Aneros, forcing the abutment tab into my perineum.

    I could feel a warm tingling in the pit of my stomach.

    I had the urge to press down with my abdominal muscles, and I did so.

    The sphincter contractions began to get stronger, but I resisted clamping down.

    My sphincter muscles and abdominal muscles felt "balanced", as if they were suspending the Aneros in space, leaving it free to work it's magic.

    Eventually the head of my penis began to tingle.

    I wanted to grab my penis and begin to stroke it, but I resisted. Before, I had always given in to this urge.

    The warmth in my stomach was building.

    Even though I wasn't consciously moving my muscles, the Aneros was moving very noticeably.

    By now, I would have killed to grab my penis, but I didn't. It begged me to give it a good pounding.

    Finally, I had to do something, so I pressed down on my testicles, stretching the skin on my penis tight.

    My penis swelled to enormous proportions and was wiggling beyond my control.

    The Aneros was sending sensations throughout my lower body.

    My entire body was tense - toes curled.

    I could feel an orgasm coming.

    I held on, balancing the Aneros, carefully holding my sphincter at a medium contraction even thought I really wanted to bear down.

    Finally, a familiar feeling began to wash over me. I was beginning to cum.

    Not long after, I'd reached the point of no return. My sphincter was forced to contract and the Aneros slammed into me, burying the abutment tab.

    My penis pulsed rhythmically as the first blast of semen launched from the tip - about 4 inches into the air - and splashed audibly on my stomach.

    Again, another gush - even farther.

    Again, another gush - about 6" high. My stomach was already covered in a pool of semen, opaque white, but very thin.

    Another gush. I was awash in pleasure. The semen was running onto the bed sheets on either side of me.

    Another gush. I knew this was the most I had ever came in one orgasm.

    Another gush. Writhing with endorphins, and sloppy wet.

    Another gush. As the pleasure slowly began to subside, I knew my ride was almost over.

    With a few more small spurts, the orgasm waned and finally faded into a glow. I laid there breathing heavily, soaked with an estimated 1/4 cup of semen.

    I couldn't believe it, and I doubt any of you do. This is one thing I really wished I had videotaped. Any reluctance I've had with the Aneros over the last 15 months was crushed in a matter of moments.

    Now I know this wasn't a super-O, but it was close enough. If I could do that even 1 in 10 uses of the Aneros, I would be a very happy man.

    I plan to keep at it, maybe that next try will be the one that takes me all the way.

    So if you are getting discouraged, don't! I know I'm a true believer.


  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey Jackson,
    Sounds like one great session. What model Aneros did you use and why did you remove the curly handle?
  • Edit
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    Jackson, your somewhat of a celebrity around around these parts (have you seen that other thread you started which is now over 5 pages long lol) .......I have all your films! ;-)

    What you posted sounds really intense; are you sure that wasn’t the Super "O"

    I guess I'll beat everyone else to it and be the first to say it : "wished you would of taped it"!

    Great post!