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Performance Reports For The Helix
  • Hi everyone,
    First off, spot on having this forum with such awesome advice. If it wasn't for the info here I certainly wouldn't have had such a seamless entry to the world of aneros and could quite possibly got bored and thought it was all a con. Well I can vouch that a con it is not! It's, as my lady put it 'wicked, it's the equivalent of a vibrator for guys!', well put!
    We received the helix in the mail on Friday and, as I was the only one in, I excitedly got ready for my virgin run! By the way, on friday I also posted a couple of questions and they still apply if anyone has had a look.
    Over the weekend we have spent alot of time enjoying this product! I haven't managed to tip myself over the edge 'hands free' so to speak, but I have had many pleasurable hours since Friday.
    On Friday, after writing here and also reading peoples' experiences, I found myself incredibly horny. Don't know if anyone else finds that and I don't want to make anyone feel weird. Anyway, my cock was more than hard and I decided to go upstairs. I used a small coke bottle with some warm water to slip into my anus and give myself a little enema since people say it's better if you do. The bottle worked really well, you need to push one edge forards on your anus then sort of turn the bottle to insert it but it doesn't hurt and was very effective!. After that had worked I put a couple of mls of lube inside me and coated the helix to get it ready. I then slipped my middle finger inside me a couple of times to make sure my entrance was nice and ready. I lay on my back and drew my knees to my chest before putting the head of the helix at my anus and gently easing it up me. It slid into place as I tried to 'suck' it in and my cock twitched, oozing a bead of fluid onto my abdomen.
    Now it was in place I bunched up the covers in the middle of the bed and leant over them so my arse was sticking up in the air before using my hnds to spread my butt cheeks. I held a long contraction at pretty low level and then kind of used my rectal muscles to squeeze it in. Then what I assume were 'involuntaries' started. It felt as though my hole was pulsating, like someone was holding me open and blowing in is kinda how I'd describe it! It felt really good and I think I could feel pressure on my prostate. My solid cock was throbbing, and it was bobbing as the muscle was contracting. As they had started and I had noticed them, they started to go and then stopped.
    I continued trying and tweaked and stroked my nipples too. I managed to start it a few times but again they would stop.
    I then realised I'd been at it for 2 1/2 hours and so decided to finish myself off with a wank. I had leaked so much precum that I scooped some up onto my helmet and started to stroke it around. My hand slipped along my shaft slowly, gently pulling the skin taught that connects to the head and making it throb. I continued this for a while, enjoying the feeling I got inside as my cock thrashed, jolting the probe against my insides and adding to my convulsion. Finally I couldn't hold back anymore and sped up for the money shot.
    My hand was blissfully sliding back and forth until I felt my nuts tighten and I knew I was going to come. I lay back onto the ball of bed covers and pulled my hand right to the base of my cock, again tightening the connection with my glans. I was on that point where you know you'll come the next thing that happens but without that little something more you'll kepp the conents of your balls to yourself! Now I contracted my anus and felt the aneros just push me over the edge. My urethra bulged as it began to spit out an almost steady stream of come that started at my navel and finished on my neck with a vast volume. I just collapsed back in my makeshift chair and relaxed absolutely covered in spunk! It was awesome.
    I need to go now so I'll have to come back soon and tell you all about saturday night. After hearing about the fun I'd had without her the day before, the missus decided I deserved to get tied up and more with my helix. It was another huge ball of aneros fun! We'll be back soon, we love the Aneros!
  • Well, we've been having some fun with the helix since the last post. It's great to learn about new ways of having fun!
    I've been using the aneros quite alot and have had alot of fun doing mundane chores 'feeling full' as it were. It is true that just walking around and bending etc can produce some awesome sensations. I've even gone for a walk outside with the missus with it in. She's pretty naughty so she loved knowing that I was enjoying every step! She told me that the thought of me enjoying having my ass filled was making her wet. As she sat on the bench we'd just reached, she slid up the bottom of her skirt and tilted it so I could see she had no panties on and just catch her shaven crotch. It was glistening with wetness and her juices had smeared along her thighs where they had dripped down as she walked.
    This sight just gave me an instant hard on (I don't keep hard when I walk with it in, it just feels good) and when she casually wiped her inner thigh clean with her hand before slurping the mess down her throat, my cock twitching started the aneros bobbing in and out of my backside. I guess my eyes had rolled back or something cos she spotted it and grinned.
    She stood up, took my hand and dragged me into the bushes. When we were well hidden, she got on all fours and flipped her skirt up over her back. Then she thrust her ass in the air and told me that if I wanted her to do anything, I'd have to strip off so she could see my 'ass getting fucked' as she put it. Who was I to argue? My kit was off immediately and she made me get on all fours too next to her but facing her ass, before barking 'don't touch your cock either!'. She got me to stick my ass high in the air and then started rubbing herself for my pleasure. I was fixated on her beautiful vagina as she teased it and managed to make it leak even more of that fantastic juice. I love her taste and, knowing this, she scooped out a good amount and thrust her fingers into my mouth ordering me to suck them clean.
    All the while I'd been working my contractions, easing the helix in and out and making my prostate swell.
    As I was still savouring the taste of my lady, I was shocked by a sudden sharp wet slap across my arse! It made me jolt and shot the helix deep inside me, making me moan. This she noticed too and smiled. I started to say no cos I don't mind a little spank messing around in the bedroom but outside? Plus she had a wicked little grin in her eye too!
    She rolled her skirt back down and sat on her backside then told me to bed over her knee! I put up resistance as I didn't really fancy someone spotting us; we were just round the corner from home and I was naked bar some shoes with a toy in my ass! Not ideal.
    Anyway, finally the promise of a 69 sealed the deal. I bent over her knees and she stroked my buttocks before pulling my cheeks apart with the fingers of one hand to watch what happened as she delivered the first blow with a stick she'd picked up (her spank earlier was far too loud). Obviously this made me jump and again the helix went crazy, making my cock buck against her leg. She repeated this for what seemed like forever, interspersing it with strokes from her cool hand.
    Finally she took her arm off my back so I could stand up. I still haven't come from just the aneros (it's felt great but never tipped me over) and wasn't feeling like it would then. I was plesed then when she lay back, opened her legs and offered me her pussy to eat as she sucked my cock. Her little bit of dominatrix style play ad made her weeter than I'd seen her in a long time and I sucked a good mouthful off fluid as my mouth met her lips. At that point she licked the tip of my cock, which felt like it was bursting. She then took me into her mouth and sucked as she eased my length to the back of her throat. This always feels amazing, but was the first time I'd felt it with the helix and oh shit it was great.
    We were both so worked up by now and she pulled my penis from her throat to instruct me to finger her, then she swallowed me again.
    I put three fingers inside her and started massaging the fromt wall of her pussy as I licked her clit. She was groaning on my cock and as she increased her tone and speed of groans she bobbed her head back and fourth on me.
    Then it happened, something we've never experienced before fully...she ejaculated! All the horniness had certainly got her gushing! Pulsing jets of light creamy fluid shot out of her pussy and i hungrily lapped at her to clean up this gift. I got so caught up in the moment that I was surprised when I realised she was still deep throating me, not moving now. Rather, she was eagerly watching as the helix basically vibrated inside me. Then I got my treat and was fnally tipped over. The combination of the aneros, her mouth and how her pussy had just soaked me all culminated in a monumental orgasm. Cum flooded her mouth, so much she had to pull me out and the rest streamed over her face and hair. All the while the helix was rubbing me on the inside. It was incredible! After that, I put my clothes back on and we tried to rub some of the cum off her, pretty unsuccessfully!
    Luckily we made it home without seeing anyone, what with her covered in my cum and me soaked in hers!
    It was an awesome walk and one we thought I should post.
    Hope you enjoy.