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Sleeping with my MGX!
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Had a new experience overnight. I went to bed last night in a exhausted state from a full day of work. I did the normal prep, layed in bed not really at all concentrating on doing anything to get aroused or anything to start a journey. Used the do nothing approach to see how it would affect the outcome. Woke up once and had a nice woody, just a hard-on nothing else felt out of the ordinary. Woke up again and still had a stiffy. Even had to let the dog out this time. Layed back in bed and realized that over the night my prostate had been caressed the whole time. I started doing light contractions on the pc muscles and sphincter muscles. I stayed stiff during all of this. I started doing the thrusting part with my hips, then the involuntary movements started up quite rapidly. I had the involuntaries for about 8 minutes and then I felt the sensations developing from the ejaculation process. I felt the sensation of cumming for about 2 minutes. Did some thrashing around and bam, blew my load! It felt so nice to have a morning orgasm. Such a good feeling to have to start the day. Still have not tried to develop another orgasm, wet or dry just yet, after doing a session. I will do that on a later day. Have not jerked-off since using the aneros method yet, but I know someday I'll have to do that for shits and giggles. Masturbation in the normal way feels wonderful also, but the duration of feelings leading up to the super 0 is much more intense. It still is amazing to me how our bodies work and the great satisfaction our bodies give us from our ability to explore the inner depths sexually...take care the threads...have fun....enjoy every journey....later...nood.