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Slow and just going with the flow
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Was going to take the night off, but too much of a good thing isn't bad. A lot of good feelings were experienced during this journey. Helix was used again. I went into the session telling myself to take it really slow and peg each new feeling and or happening. Started on the side focusing on not to rush. Throughout the day I had been exercising my pc muscle while at work every second I remembered. After a few minutes of just breathing my pc started twitching. Concentrated on that sensation which then led to my cock getting semi-hard. In earlier threads my erections are not present or very few. Switched to my stomach and instantly could feel the helix message my gland. Felt truly great! Was able to concentrate and keep that experience going for a few minutes. My cock came erect and I had a good stable plateau until I felt I was stimulating it too much with pressure from me and grinding somewhat on the mattress. Still concentrating on slowness and feeling those inner feelings I switched again to my side. Had some more really enjoyable peaks and valleys. In one peak I felt the pre-cum getting expelled out and traveling throughout my penis, three times this occured. I know what my involuntaries are now, as in earlier threads I was confused to what they were. I made myself keep the invols low, and focus on what is happening inside the eroneous region. Some new positions again had my helix coming in contact with my p-gland. Such good feelings when that can be kept up. Only negative thing that happened and kept me somewhat not quite centered on all the good things was the handle of the helix was causing some slight sandy feeling when it moved, from lube being on the sides of my butt cheeks drying out. Through out my sessions I usually make sure the a-tab is snug and centered by separating the cheeks, which I suppose my hands had lube on them. Another nice journey with many learning experiences learned. Going to learn and teach myself from my own experience and also from everyone here who is so candid to also tell of their journeys. We sure have some amazing bodies and minds to get such good enjoyment and fullfillment from. Good times and best of luck. nood