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concentrating on my pc muscle
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    sitting here after having a new experience once again. My journey was 1hr 40 and I learned and felt new feelings. I basically went into this trip trying to concentrate just on the pc muscle area. Hands are still shaky.....It took me about 10 minutes for the first wave, which I started in the flat lying down leg straight position. While in a really high plateau concentrating super hard on contracting my pc muscles. This is really hard while also contracting about 50-70 % pressure of the anus muscles. I also have learned to separate my butt cheeks in the rythms. It helps the abutment tab really do its thing. While in the highest peak I could feel the inner part of my perineum muscle area start to buzz. Kind of felt like one would say, mini, shocks. Something that I have never felt yet. My sweating was also more pronouced tonight. I had a few body shakes, mainly my legs. After these journeys one just feels go good. The feeling of no problems in life exist right now. My head is still light feeling and I can still feel my pc muscles constricting and my prostate is still sending out good vibes. Hope everyone who is new at all this is having as much fun and thrilled as me to learn more about oneself and enjoy the great feeling one receives. Only if I had known about this earlier in life, but right now I'll go with the journeys and enjoy everyone which comes by...good night...nood