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My first few experiences
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Purchased the Holiday Package and have tried both the mgx and helix models. First was the Helix on my side. Started doing the breathing exercises and soon enough I started to shake all over, but at that very moment my dog needed to go out. Used the Mgx the next time with practically no results. I was getting really depressed, and thought that I was one of those guys that could not get anywhere. I do the cleaning rutine and do a good lube. These activities are quite stimulating in a way too. Reading other comments on these pages about guys getting hard while using the Aneros Stimulators make me envious. I have not had any erections while using these myself. I will get hard reading the testimonials and all, but hopefully after sometime my brain will allow me to have "boners" in my sessions. I used my MGX this afternoon and had a wonderful experience. I do the sessions while lying on my back, pillow under butt, and legs bent and feet on pillows also. I centered on my breathing and getting totally relaxed. Had not one interruption. I was breathing and concentrating on using all 3 muscle groups. I went slow at first, but then it kind of kicked in and everything fell in place. I was doing the inhale breathing while I would rise my body off the pillow and do PC contractions and anal contractions, then on the exhale breath would spread my legs and still work on the PC contractions and on the bottom do the anal contractions. I could feel my canal grasping the Aneros and I could feel the Aneros touching my prostrate. I kept doing this until I could not flex any of the muscles anymore,and the Aneros felt really tight. Thought to myself something is going to happen and it did! I started to shake,and shake. I was bouncing up and down on the bed and doing some really deep breathing exercises. I was bouncing around to where I almost fell off the bed. I was grabbing the blankets and the window sill to steady myself. This was such a good feeling altogether. Still did not get a hard-on, but had a lot of pre-cum. I finally eased down to just doing my breathing, and before long everything was happening all over again. This time I was more intense. My legs were just pulsating on the bed and again I was flying up and down. I was still focusing on my breathing and overall feeling and to what was happening. My body was so high off the bed jerking around and bouncing, and I could see my cock and balls just flying around with pre-cum coming out. My cock was getting erect at this point also and I thought it would happen, but the Super "O" never came. This experience was so erotic, stimulating, and mind opening. It felt like pure heaven. When I quit my session and got off the bed, I felt like I was floating. My whole body was tingling and I couldn't think straight. It was such a awesome experiment. Would be nice to have the session taped to see what I look like bouncing on the bed in ectasy! I can't wait to have the super one. It will just take awhile until I understand my body further and develope all the techniqes. It was such a good session and I learned a lot and can't even wait for the next one.

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    Hey :)

    Sounds like you hit a home run, dude. That *is* the super-O. From what I've read so far, the super O is not an ejaculation at all. It is the ecstatic feeling you describe where your whole body feels like one huge orgasm (tingling and jerking as you describe).

    So I think it'll get lots better for you even. You'll likely be able to put super-O's like that into a string, making you have a sequence of them.

    One thing tho: patience and relaxation are of the utmost essence. And you should be super aroused, so look at some favorite porn or do something else that you find arousing.
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    Fleshjoe is right 'there'.
    What this is all about is extending the sensate nature of the phase of orgasm without (in general terms) any direct penile stimulation. This provokes not only the wonderful sensations and intensity of orgasm but an experience that can be extended through the generation of an increasingly intensifying string of orgasmic 'events'. The reason that this is possible is the denial of the ejaculatory stage of the orgasm itself which (as we are all to well aware!) normally brings with it a 'recovery' phase. In itself there is nothing new here, its just that the Aneros devices move the whole thing into a more approachable, more easily achievable and wholly exciting experience!
    We all (me too - and how!) inevitably turn to penile stimulation to draw sessions to a hugely intense and extremely productive conclusion. Although erections will come and go during any Aneros session, this aspect (maintaining an erection) should not form the focus of a session itself but rather aim to create a sensate focus for the incredible sensations being generated by the device. As Fleshjoe makes clear, success will come from being in a highly sexually charged state with a relaxed mind and body.
    Often I read of people's expectations that hope an Aneros device will generate 'conventional' penile centred orgasms. Whilst certain paths can lead to similar outcomes we need to remind ourselves that this is not what the Aneros is primarily designed to do! (And yes - you're absolutely right - it doesn't matter if you want to do what you want it to do for you!)
    For most of us, we are teaching ourselves and our bodies and minds new sensations and experiences that are grounded alongside techniques and sensations that we are highly experienced and accomplished in.

    Apologise for the reflective nature of this posting - but hey - I think we can sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture!