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Questions about the prostate...
  • zadixzadix
    Posts: 1
    How much liquid is "supposed" to be expelled from the prostate when massaging it?
    Should you be able to drain it completely, just as an ordinary ejaculation?
    Why I wonder is because when my girlfirend or I massage my prostate, only a few drops come out from my
    penis. It looks like the same fluid as when having an orgasm, but just not that much. It does feel very good, but
    the good feeling is very connected to when fluid is expelled.
    Neither of us can feel the "lump" a.ka. the prostate. Can it be felt more easily through different positions?
    How far in should it be? Is it the prostate that helds the fluid?
    Thank you!
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    It depends on how much fluid is in there to begin with.
    Normally, if you empty the prostate regualary, there won't be very much fluid "sitting there" waiting to be expeled to begin with.

    Try this, hold off on sex and mastubating for a week, then trying having your wife give you a prostate message then. I guarrantee you'll have alot more fluid in there waiting to be expelled out, not to mention the fact, that the prostate will probably be alot more pronounce when she trys to find it, being that its full.

    Come back, and let us know how this goes...........

    It never ceases to amaze me, in society, how woman are much more aware of the inner workings of there genitalia then men are.