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Can you use too much Lube????
  • I read some more before try number three. firtst two apprmts have had minimal results. I had only used liquid KY for lube. So on my third attempt I used what I had read, Vaseoline. No problem getting started, can you use too much ??? Cause I could shoot the thing right out with contractions.

    Should I be trying with the Maximus instead of the Helix???
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Check out my Best of BEE LINE thread, in it you'll find a posting concerning lubrication. In a nutshell, Vaseline is not the method of choice for Aneros use. Although there are instances where it may be used to some effect, a far better choice would be a water based lube such as KY Jelly. The thinner lube may be used as a prelubricant (5ml's/teaspoon of so) dispensed directly into the rectum by a medicine dropper etc. The jelly is then used to coat the body of the Aneros for insertion.

    BF Mayfield