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Outside stimulants
  • Question. Has anyone had any experience with these devises while using other things as Mary jane, cocoa or the type? I tend to be much more analy active in the privacy of my own home with these other things. I don't seem to have much anal exitement when sober. Really do not get exited by it. any thoughts?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    Generally I try to discourage users from going this route, as I believe that many of the sensations that we're looking for start very subtly, so subtly in fact, that if one is not sharp alert and attentive that you may miss them altogether. Although use of substances may create the perception of a heightened state of awareness, this is rarely the case.

    What is possible is that such things can be relaxing and create a more passive mind, making it more open and accepting of the anal experience. But if one's true awareness and sensitivity is attenuated in the process however, it is not really worthwhile.

    BF Mayfield