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My First experience
  • I just had my first 3 sessions with my MGX today. I did much reading previously, and have the basic techniques and preparation commited to memory. My first session lasted for about 1-1/2 hours. After the first half hour and finishing some breathing and light contractions, I did a few medium - longer lasting contractions which made me feel as if I were rapidly approaching a blissful feeling, only to have the feeling elude me. The front end of the Aneros that contacts the G-spot had a little parting line that had a slight edge to it, and this caused a bit of stinging when I applied the contractions. I used a fingernail file to smooth over this parting line. Also, I noticed my hair was being pulled which also caused some discomfort. I shaved the area where contact is made before beginning session 2.

    Session 2 lasted about 2 hours. The filing of the Aneros parting line and the shaving helped much in the comfort area. This session was much like the first as far as results, approaching a very good feeling later in the session when I finally applied a few long lasting contractions, but nothing happened beyond that.

    The 3rd and final session was for about 45 minutes, and yielded nothing. I really wasn't expecting too much from my first experience, and am pleased with the few minimal results I did attain. I am determined to continue trying until I reach that plateau. One thing that wasn't present that needs to be prior to these sessions is a basic arousal. That was not present today. Although I watched some porn, the arousal part just wasn't happening. Next time, I'll make sure I try on a day when I'm in the proper mood.

    That's about it. Thanks to all who have taken the time to leave all the good advice and instruction which can be found on this site. I will be sure and leave updates as they develope in my journey.
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    I'm a recent purchaser of an MGX,after being very inquisitive about the possibilities of some pleasurable experiences with the product. My age is 53.

    I just guessing here but I'm leaning toward believing that the great feelings of pleasure or orgasms are (for some, like me) a truly learned experience. I remember as a youth masturbating for the first time. It took at least 5 more times before it became a very satisfying experience. I just needed to learn what to expect and to "go with it" as many of you have written.

    I'd like to make one other observation. About 10 years ago, I had a barium enema as part of some medical tests. For those who haven't had one, the end of the tube has an inflatable ball that is pumped up with air once it is in your rectum, so it won't just slip out. When it was placed in my rectum and the barium liquid was starting to make its way up, I started shaking, much like I was extremely cold, and I could not stop. I think that the body's shaking while using the Aneros might be related to that. With the barium enema equipment, which is considerably larger when enflated, it was totally involuntary. With the Aneros, it's more voluntary, but to me feels very similar. Of course while lying on an xray table with a strange guy holding a tube up my butt doesn't exactly produce the same stimulation as when using the Aneros while being quietly alone.

    I've used the MGX 5 times and have varied results. The last time was the best, and I think I'm getting close to an orgasm. I think the last time was the best because I knew I had lots of time and I spent considerably more time relaxing and waiting until the MGX felt totally comfortable before starting any contractions. Also, as some have written, for me the good feelings and approach to orgasm is tied to my breathing that accompanies the contractions. If I just breath normally, then I don't feel much. If I take long slow breaths and hold it in a bit, it is much more pleasureable. Experimenting with different breathing and contraction patterns have taught me what brings on the rush and what doesn't. Also leg position seems to matter as well. For me, lying on my back with knees bent and slightly apart brings the best results.

    I'm thinking of springing for the Helix, because I believe that I need something a little bigger on the end to push me over the top. It's a lot of money, so I'll probably keep trying the MGX for a few more months, though.